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Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Stuffs

Posted this in my facebook..re-posting here..=)

25 Random Stuffs about ME

1. I'm currently single and ready to mingle.

2. Excited over my Bora trip this 15th to 18th!Wooo-hoo!!!

3. Had an operation last 07 (removal of a 3.5 cm cyst)

4. Planning to buy portable dvd and magic sing!=)

5. Hopin to find a real partner soon

6. Would want to go picnicing at...ummm... Luneta..lolz

7. Im so into reality shows- loves Ame Idol, PBB, Survivor, Project Runway, Beauty & the Geek and Amazing Race

8. Im a great singer- my signature songs include Lately by Stevie Wonder and Di Na Natuto by Gary V.

9. I dig horror and morbid flicks!

10. Im into paranormal.I have a third eye..I can see the unseen..lelz

11. Would love to travel abroad.

12. Im into theater..Had directed several plays and would like to venture into a docu or an indie film someday.

13. Been recently appointed HR Head.Naks!

14. I super love my family..My mom's the world's greatest hero..I will do anything to give her the most comfortable way of life.

15. I love being in the company of people. I maintain several groups..

16. Certified beer drinker..'blush'

17. Im claustrophobic.Im afraid of ageing. Im 'praning' when riding jeepneys.I fear the future.

18. Would like to enroll in a photography and film directing class.

19. Im looking forward to holding a high position in a big company or seat in a public office. One manghuhula once told me that I'll be a congressman some day.=)

20. Had a taste of S_X at age 19..now this is a revelation! lelz

21. I love Mcdo's cheeseburger,KFC's mac salad and 7-11's caldereta.=)

22. Ousted Erap in Edsa 2.

23. Found my soulmate last 2000.=)

24. Misses the shows Shaider, Ora Engkantada, Pinoy Thriller, Tatak Pilipino and Ready, Get set, Go!

25. Hopin to have QT with BM and GG.=)

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