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Friday, February 20, 2009

Boracay Vacay

Boracay sunset

I had a trip in Boracay last Feb. 15-18. Thanks to Cebu Pacific which had seat sale last year (well,they always have seat sale), we were able to save big in air fare. More thanks to my sick leave conversion- this is what used for all the expenses.

Departure time was 11am,we arrived at Kalibo after an hour. And since,it's already lunch time,our group decided to eat first at a kiosk outside the airport. Our eyes went big for the overpriced menu! Considering it was only a ' carinderia', the tapsilog costs P150!I did not bother to look at the other items.. Sweet lord!
We reached Boracay by 3pm. Lagay lang ng gamit,then off we went to the sea. Boracay is indeed world class. The sand was so fine,I can't imagine how it happened. It was as fine as the flour..I hate stepping into the beach sand,because there's this always annoying feeling about it,but this one's really different..It was smoother than my elbow...lolz

my friends

It was raining during our first night there,so as much as we want to go out and have a taste of Boracay night life, we were content to have a drink at the veranda outside our room.

the famous grotto

The next day was a busy day. We visited grotto..Matapos ang isang mahaba at nakakatustang lakaran. I had a taste of the famous Jonah's fruitshake..A lil later we tried the banana boat ride. It wasn't really that exciting at all. Bawal na kasi yung patatalsikin ang mga passengers- yun sana ang thrill. Apparently, alot had been complaining about heads banging on the waters so the water activities management there decided na di na yun gagawin sa lahat.

banana boat ride

During the afternoon, we tried Reef Walking or Helmet Diving. Im claustrophobic, and i really wanna conquer that fear. Andito pa lang ako sa Manila,but i already had a mindset that I'll try that. It was a new amenity in Bora. The 30 minute activity costs P500. Digitized picture taking costs P500 ( P1000 if you want to have a video) which you can share with your friends.

kunwari lang naka-smile pero takot na ako nyan

dapat may group pic syempre!

Natakot ako when it was my turn to go down. The helmet weighs 25 kilos but becomes only 1 kilo when underwater. You can't lean your head forward or backward, it has to be steady all the time. It was hard to breathe below. I felt scared when one of my friend motioned that he'll go up. That made breathing more hard. I felt like backing out too,my claustrophobia is already eating me! But then again, I felt sayang naman ang experience,,at saka gusto ko nga i-conquer ang fear na ito di ba? I was telling myself to think of happy thoughts to divert all the fears in me. I became at peace already when the photographer started taking pictures. It was a delight to see all the beautiful fish and corals. It was scary for sure, but still a one-of-a-kind experience.

We went island hopping the following day. We visited crocodile island. We marvel at the sight atop Magic Island. We also had are lunch there. We snorkled twice- another first for me. Ending, sobrang sunog na mga balat namin.

atop Magic Island


Beware,however, of the many tour agents who will promise you alot. Usapan namin, we will tour the Boracay Island- visit Puka and Crystal islands to name a few- but we only had a chance to visit 2 islands---much to our dismay. Di ko na napigilan when my companions complained sa office ng island tour namin. Sa sobrang asar, tinamad na kami na mag try ng ATV--probably on the next visit na lang.

The rest of the day was spent beach bumming, trying henna tattoo,and buying pasalubong. Sinulit na din namin ang last night sa mga gimik spots in station one. I really enjoyed the great buffet breakfast at La Carmela. It was soo good, we kept coming back..hehehe..

beautiful Boracay...

Boracay is definitely a place to visit. And if finances permit, I'll surely go back again!

visit for more of my Bora and reefwalking exp


  1. Wow great, lovely photos. Where did you stay in boracay, is it good facilities there????

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. hi! we stayed at Boracay Courtyard..not really fine rooms but OK for the budget travellers..=))


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