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Friday, February 6, 2009

Operation: Kalinisan

This thing happened only a few minutes ago (Official time: Feb 6, 10.47am ).

I am about to pee in one of the cubicles in our CR.. oh crap! Tissue papers scattered on the floor! Gross!! Crumpled pa! Looks like someone has just wiped it from his nasty ass.. To think there's a trash bin naman beside the bowl..Haist..so unhygienic!

Bad trip talaga. For sure the janitors will equally get mad with that unlovely and...ummm...smelly sight.

Naalala ko tuloy yung Pinoy sa Aussie who got terminated because of a similar issue. The only difference is that this anonymous dirty-man-who-left-his-unlikely-traces used tissue paper, instead of our traditional water in the 'tabo'. ( Oh well, it's been in the news some days ago that the person concerned was asked to return from his work already.)

While I have no qualms as to what's the better thing to use,my only concern is that we take responsibilty naman for our activities. Since this is a CR open to everyone in the building,I think it's but fair that we do what's necessary. Like, time and again, that particular CR is always mapanghi. Di naman siguro mahirap mag-flush after di ba? Sometimes there's 'plema' pa sticking in the sink. Ano ba naman yung gamitan ng tubig so it will be carried away?! There's an abundance of water in that CR. It wont take all the muscles to turn on the faucet or flush the toilets! What's with those people?? Katamaran na lang siguro talaga or...sorry for the word...talagang balahura siguro. SAD..

Pag kaya ganito ang urinal sa CR namin, may mga tao pa kayang di magpa-flush??

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