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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


my fave childhood shows- Shaider and Bioman!

Rainy season is already in. I love rainy days!It makes me feel nostalgic..Sarap mag-kape while listening to some old hits..habang nakatanaw sa labas ng bintana..(now that adds more to the drama!)

Sarap tuloy mag-reminisce..There are a lot to remember in my younger days. Mga bagay na nakaka-miss din..

Biking at QC circle..

I miss playing patintero,shato,tumbang preso,habulan,langit-lupa and aral-aralan. My playmates and I wouldn't grow tired running around the vicinity until it gets dark and we hear are parents calling our names for dinner time.

shots of the get together with my elem classmates..

I miss going to my elem school-Mater Carmeli in QC-where my parents used to fetch me during times when my school service can't. I miss the cake and the choco drink my mom used to prepare for my baons especially during the exams.. I won't forget the school parties and the numbers we'd prepare for the program. I long for the times when i'd frequent the school library and borrow books from Sis. Sot.

It usually floods on our street after heavy rains so my childhood friends and I would go out and bathe under the rain and enjoy running in the dirty water. Back then, we don't worry about getting sick for plunging in the flood- we are all enjoying so what the heck!

..waiting for Mamang Sorbetero every morning..

I miss watching Batibot, Shaider,Bioman,Ora Engkantada, Pinoy Thriller and Uncle Bob Lucky Seven Club. I miss nimbling Chiz Curls and Wonder Boy.. my favorite LaLa and Choc Nut.. buying taho every morning and awaiting for the sorbetero and the Sugar candy man to arrive.

my fave bites- chiz curls and chocnut!

I miss the usual night kwentuhan with my kababata's..exchanging views,telling our secret crushes and sharing our dreams while we seat on a worn out sofa outside our house,our heads gazing on the stars.

I miss our Sunday-Family-day- when we go to Church together, eat lunch outside and go malling or picnicing. I miss our bike days at the QC Circle or Philcite..and the boat tour at the Manila Bay.

When I was little, I thought of becoming a singer then.. I was so fond of joining amateur singing contests and so I thought I'd make a career on that. I was in 3rd grade when I wanted to become a scientist.. Being too inquisitive of things,I knew being one would answer the questions on my head. After elem graduation,I wanted to become a lawyer- mahilig na kasi ako magsasagot non..di na papatalo..

Looking back,nakakatuwang nakakatawa ang mga naging dreams ko nun. Currently, I'm part of the HR department of a company here in Makati after teaching preschools for 4 years. I did not become a singer,but I continue to entertain others by my singing prowess.. I continue to fill my small world my music.. I did not become a scientist but i continue to be amazed by the many wonderful creations of God.. di din ako naging lawyer and until now di pa rin ako papatalo-patuloy na makikipagtalo sa mga hamon ng buhay.

Life was much simpler then..I eat, play, go to school, mingle with friends, bond with my family and need not worry about tomorrow.. Life is much complicated now.. That's why we all have to treat each moment as if it's the last..Carpe Diem!

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