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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Is For Children

It's the time of the year when most of us were busy partying, attending get together events, buying and receiving gifts..drinking, yes. All these plus the heavy traffic.

Halos dumaan lang ang Christmas bonus sa mga palad ko. I was not able to buy the gadget Im eyeing. I was short of budget to give gifts to two of my siblings. Bawi ako sa January. :)

But I had a meaningful Christmas for having shared my blessings and time with many kids.

Yesterday, I attended the annual Aliw Bata- a gift giving activity spearheaded by the Dominican Brothers. Ilang taon na din ako umattend nito and it's always with a fulfilling feeling.

Some 140 kids attended this year. Our sweet tooth was satisfied with the dirty ice cream, 'taho', and cotton candy. There was a reenactment of the Nativity scene, a magic and yoyo show, games, prizes, balloons and an appearance from Jollibee and Hetty. Ang saya!

Everyone had spag and burger for merienda. Before the activity ended, all the kids were handed a bag of toys and school supplies and a grocery bag. They were also given IPad air and round trip tickets for three to Boracay plus 3D 2N accommodation. Syempre, char na yung last sentence. Ahihihihi.

But what made the event really special is the appearance of my dear friend Tonchie in his 'Flash' costume. Flash Elorde. Ahihihihi.

Also, last December 12, my officemates and I went to visit Marco Polo Care Center of Virlanie Foundation. Some 20 kids are sheltered in this house. We gave them a party- we had games, story telling and we shared on sumptuous feast! Ang saya-saya din!

The best interests of each child are to be protected over any other consideration, including over advocacy for children's issues and the promotion of child rights, hence the limited pics from my Virlanie visit.

Yung totoo, 2014 was not an easy year for me. I hurdled thru several stumbling blocks, went thru an emotional roller coaster and I came to a time when even smiling genuinely was super hard to do. But the time with these kids once again made me realized that God has given me a much lighter burden to carry.

To see all these smiles and joy on their faces were priceless. And yes, thank you for giving me a truly meaningful Christmas!

Please help Virlanie give street children a home, a family, food, education
and a future.
Click here.

Let's connect.

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