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Thursday, June 15, 2023

The Table By Mark: A Delightful Culinary Journey in La Trinidad Benguet

My personal experience at The Table By Mark, a hidden gem tucked away in the quaint hamlet of La Trinidad, Benguet, is what I'm pleased to share with you on this blog. Prepare yourself for a delicious gastronomic adventure that will have your heart yearning for more and your taste senses dancing. Believe me when I say that you must visit this restaurant while you are making your Baguio itinerary!


Stepping into The Table By Mark is like entering a comfortable refuge filled with culinary delights. A wonderful eating experience is ensured by the cozy and welcoming ambiance. You feel at ease right away thanks to the beautiful and relaxed atmosphere that is created by the wooden furniture. The small al fresco dining area also spells charm specially during mid day when the fog in the area sets in. Whether you're in for  a casual lunch or an intimate evening, they have you covered.


Crispy Pork Sinigang

Let's start with the main attraction, the Crispy Pork Sinigang. The crispy, meaty pork belly and the tangy, flavorful sinigang broth come together in this delectable dish. The symphony of flavors in each bite will make your taste buds dance with joy. It's a culinary marriage made in heaven when crispy and tender pork are combined with the flavorful and nourishing sinigang soup. You won't be able to resist having seconds, I assure you!

Grilled Pork Belly

A meat lover's fantasy comes true with The Table By Mark's Grilled Pork Belly. The luscious, delicious pork belly is perfectly cooked, leaving behind mouthwatering grill marks that give an additional depth of flavor. The meat is wonderfully delicate and full of delicious smoke. This dish is a genuine treat for your taste buds and is served with fresh fruit, vegetable salad and a cup of rice on the side. For a flavor explosion, serve it with their special dipping sauce.

Spaghetti with Breaded Chicken

Want a traditional comfort food dish? The spaghetti with chicken that has been breaded is the only option. You'll be tempted to want more after trying this Filipino take on a well-known Italian dish. The rich tomato sauce liberally smothers the al dente pasta and achieves the ideal harmony of sweet and sour. Not to be overlooked is the crispy breaded chicken, which is the highlight of the dish. Each flavorful piece is bursting with flavor and gives each bite a satisfying crunch. Pasta nirvana has been created!

Iced Caramel Latte

No meal is complete without the perfect ending, and The Table By Mark excels at providing it. Give yourself a treat by sipping on their delectable Iced Caramel Latte, a cool concoction of robust coffee, creamy milk, and a subtle hint of caramel sweetness. Take a sip of this refreshing iced coffee drink while soaking in the inviting atmosphere, and let your cares drift away. After a delectable meal, it is the ideal pick-me-up.


Make sure to include The Table By Mark on your schedule if you're going to Baguio. This restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that will make your taste buds sing with joy, from the delectable Crispy Pork Sinigang to the decadent Iced Caramel Latte. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff only add to the overall charm of the place. Trust me, you won't want to miss this hidden gem in La Trinidad, Benguet. So gather your loved ones and friends and your appetites, and prepare to set off on a mouthwatering journey at The Table By Mark! Bon appétit!

3F D-11 Sano Building Camp Dangwa, Benguet (Landmark: Tambunting Pawnshop and Chow Milk Tea)


  1. Ohhh woww Ganda naman dito and they served a lots of delicious foods and drinks
    Nakakatakam naman Ito !
    Perfect Bisitahin ito sa may plan papunta ng Baguio

  2. All foods are good plus mgndang tanawin tlgang perfect na mag staycation😍❤️👍

  3. Npkasarap ng mga foods na sineserve nila at ang classy din ng place ..enjoy ang mga kumkain sa lugar n ito 👍👍🥰❤️


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