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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Gastronomic Delight at Valencia's Restaurant in Baguio: A Fusion of Flavors and Memorable Dining Experience

I was recently back in Baguio, one of my happy places, eager to experience its iconic spots once again and discover some of its newest attractions. During this trip, we also stumble upon Valencia's Restaurant- the City of Pines newest food hub. 


Enter the vivid world of sensations at Valencia's Restaurant in Baguio, where delectable treats and welcoming service are waiting for you. This quaint restaurant, tucked away in the cool mountain breeze, became my hideaway for a special meal. The cozy atmosphere and enticing aroma gave me a taste of the culinary extravaganza that awaited me as soon as I walked in.


We started out with the delicious Bruschetta, a delightful combination of fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic on top of nicely toasted bread, to get our culinary adventure off to a great start. Every bite was a rush of freshness, laying the groundwork for the upcoming culinary treats.


With their wide selection of delectable foods, Valencia's Restaurant really impressed. A local favorite, the Pork Inantala, was the ideal fusion of succulent pork, robust spices, and the distinctive flavors of Baguio's indigenous cuisine. I was transported to a world of classic flavors and culinary traditions with each bite.

The Baked Salmon with Creamy Spinach was a real delight for seafood lovers. The velvety spinach sauce and the perfectly cooked salmon fillet combined to produce a pleasing harmony of tastes and textures. It was a dish that expertly displayed both the chef's talent and the quality of the ingredients.

A culinary wonder that stole the show was the Paella Valencia. It was a feast for the senses thanks to the vivid colors, aromatic saffron-infused rice, and delectable blend of shrimp, chicken, and chorizo. Each spoonful was a taste explosion that took me to the coastal towns of Spain.

Valencia's Signature Pizza
was so good that we couldn't resist trying it. A medley of fresh ingredients, including savory pepperoni, and gooey pesto cream cheese, were placed on top of the thin, crispy crust. We were satiated by the symphony of tastes and wanted more.

Spaghetti Marinara is a traditional dish that is prepared to perfection, providing comfort to pasta fans. The al dente pasta was a soothing delight that sated every pasta hankering, covered in a thick tomato sauce with undertones of garlic and herbs.


Valencia's Restaurant understands how to make a meal-ending dessert. A sizzling hotplate and a sizable scoop of rich strawberry ice cream were present when the Sizzling Brownie Ala Mode was delivered to our table. Warm, oozy brownie combined with cold, creamy ice cream produced a delicious contrast that was pure happiness for our taste senses.


We tried Valencia's Iced Tea to satisfy our thirst; it was a refreshing, well-balanced beverage that went wonderfully with our dinner. Also, 'mixing' it was magical. Order this to find why. Additionally, we looked at their fresh juice menu, which included Fresh Lime, Fresh Melon, and Fresh Ripe Mango. Each glass was brimming with pure tastes and gave us a refreshing break after getting tired from going around Baguio.

We also tried their Rice Coffee. Rice grains, typically a blend of brown and glutinous rice, are roasted and ground to make rice coffee. To produce a flavor that is both rich and aromatic, the grains are gently toasted. It has a slightly earthy, and nutty flavor. In addition to being a delicious culinary experience, drinking rice coffee in Baguio is a way to help regional farmers and protect the area's cultural legacy. It puts a distinctive touch on the typical coffee alternatives and presents a chance to explore the region's many flavors and traditions.


A gastronomic jewel in Baguio, Valencia's Restaurant combines a combination of flavors with a welcoming eating experience. Each dish, from the mouthwatering Pork Inantala to the delicious Paella Valencia, demonstrated the culinary prowess and dedication to quality. For foodies exploring Baguio's thriving culinary scene, Valencia's is a must-visit location thanks to its extensive menu that appeals to all palates. At Valencia's Restaurant, prepare ready for a flavorful voyage.


#30 Purok 2, Outlook Drive, Baguio

Contact: 0969 226 1777/ 0995 714 3264


  1. Ohhh woww ang sasarap ng foods plus a refreshing drinks! Perfect!
    Siguradong busug po talaga

  2. Nkkatkam yung mga presentation ng foods .nkkaenjoy 😍❤️


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