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Thursday, January 2, 2020

FOOD| Falafel Yo Opens in Uptown Mall This January 4

I was first introduced to Falafel when my friend who worked in the Middle East had a vacation here. It's a staple food in the Mediterranean and Middle East and she wanted us to experience it so I indulged. To be honest, I have no idea what it is or how it tastes but it's to good to try something new for the first time once in a while, right?  

It was love at first bite. The pita sandwich was a little heavy for my tummy. I liked my pita a little crispy but most of my friends prefer the softer texture. The combination of onion, bell pepper or jalapeno, tomato, thin slice of cucumber, chick peas and the sauce that is like yogurt in texture are too hard to resist. A cheese sauce is also divine. Just the mere thought of it makes me salivate already. 

Well, eating Falafel is healthy. It is made from chick peas and it is low in fat and cholesterol. It is rich in Vitamins B and C and minerals like iron and beta-carotene. And while most of the time falafels are deep-fried, one can opt for a baked for a healthier option.


  • The origins of falafel is still a mystery. There’s no exact evidence where and when exactly the ancient vegetarian dish was born, but we can track some of it’s historical impact around the world. They say Falafel might be the world's first fast food.
  • The Coptic church in Egypt ate falafel as it was a vegetarian solution during Lent centuries ago. 
  • As the Egyptians used fava beans in their falafel recipe, soon as it began spreading around the world, each culture had a different version for it. In Israel, the chickpeas replaced the fava beans, and by the time it got to Syria they replaced the chickpeas with foul beans. 
  • The meaning of the word falafel is small round thing (pilpal in Aramaic).
  • Falafel was a cheap, meatless, easy to make solution and has become the national dish for the Israelis when their country went into an economic depression in the 1950's. 
  • The Philippine Independence Day and the International Falafel Day are both celebrated on June 12.


Great news because Pinoys can now have their Falafel fix at FALAFEL YO. As the founding family of Falafel Yo migrated to Manila in 2011, they wanted to share something from their culture with the Filipinos that they thought will be appreciated and liked. With little adoption and keeping the ingredients and sauces true to it’s cultural authenticity, Falafel Yo wants to use this popular dish as a bridge between different cultures around the world. 

And here's something else we can look forward to: Falafel Yo will be open to public this January 4, Saturday, at the Uptown Mall in BGC and if you happen to pass by that day, you can get a FREE FALAFEL!

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