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Monday, June 24, 2019

Aklan- Booming Economy, Great Beaches, Effective Governance

I grew up in the urban jungle and having worked in the business districts of Metro Manila, I often dream of retiring in a place where I can enjoy both a good commercial area and the beach! You know that I'm an aquaphile, right? :)

If there's a place I am highly considering for this--it is the province of Aklan.


Aklan is one of the oldest provinces of our country. It is believed that its name was derived from a river called Akean. When the Spaniards came and asked the name of the place to a man who was fishing in the river, the latter thought he was being asked about the name of the river.

Aklan used to be part of Capiz in Western Visayas. It became a separate province in November 1958 under Republic Act # 1414. Kalibo is its capital. 


If you're looking for a great place to invest-consider Aklan. In 2013, Aklan ranks first out of 80 provinces in the Philippines with highest share of local income to total regular income, with a rating of 45.3%. In 2014, the Province of Aklan ranks No. 14 out of 80 provinces with highest Special Education Fund collection to fund the operations and maintenance of public school, construction and repair of school buildings, facilities and equipment, educational research, purchase of books and sports development.

The Kalibo International Airport is one of the fastest growing airport in the country. It has both domestic and international flights. The Caticlan Port is the busiest among the four seaports in the province as it is not only the gateway to the famous island of Boracay but also the entry point to Panay Island as part of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway.

Farming and fishing are the basic livelihood in the province.  Aside from palay and coconut, other major crops that contributed to uplift the economy of Aklan are being developed. These are high valued crops with export potential, such as banana (Lakatan), mango, rambutan, and lanzones; and fiber crops.

Aklan has a big potential to be a great business hub in the land. BPO, vital infrastructures, attractive business environment are just some of the factors why they are an investment haven. (source)


It's no secret that Aklan has one of the best beaches in the world. People around the globe flock Boracay for its pristine waters, talcum-soft sands and glorious sunset. The province also has mangrove parks, waterfalls and caves. (READ ALSO: AGOS BORACAY ROOMS + BEDS)

The Ati-atihan Festival, in honor of Sto. Nino, is celebrated every January. It is considered to be the "Mother of All Philippine Festivals."

Aklan Tourism is more than the Ati-atihan Festival and Boracay. All of its municipalities offer many attractions, festivals, culture and food that guests and visitors will surely enjoy. (READ ALSO: BUDGET ITINERARY FOR BORACAY)


Any city or province needs a strong government. Good governance is the heart of any successful business. It needs people who has the heart and the goal to help elevate the welfare of its people and economy.

Aklan is blessed to have people in their local government who shares a common vision of empowering people and providing them with a safer environment, a growing economy, a globally competitive agro-ecological tourism development and an accountable governance.


A winner at the recently concluded mid-term elections is Congressman Teodorico Haresco. Congressman Nonong is after 4 major agenda: Education, Health, Livelihood and Infrastructure. 

With Congressman  Haresco, we now have a representative in the Congress who advocates health. He wants to reach more people who uses the facilities of PGH, Kidney Center, Heart Center and the like.

He also prioritizes education through scholarship programs- to reach as many deserving individuals and help them realize finish their college education. 

He also has a lot of plans for the microentrepreneurs of their province. He hopes to attract more investors and help alleviate poverty by providing wider livelihood programs.

He is also one with the President in his 'Build, Build, Build' campaign by building new and improving the roads. New and better roads meant more people that can be reached.

No doubt, we can see more of a progressive Aklan with it's tourism, growing economy, empowered people and its local government who has a big heart in helping its 'kababayans'. 


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