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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Sun Talks: Life, Health and Wealth Solutions

June is Financial Independence Month. Just recently, Sun Life Financial, the leading financial services organization, held the Sun Talks- a morning of inspiring sharing and stories about life, health and wealth. Krie Lopez (Messy Bessy CEO), Sara Black (Photographer and Wellness Advocate) and Bo Sanchez ( Preacher, Author and Entrepreneur) were invited as speakers.


Krie Lopez talked about life and finding your purpose. As a founder of Messy Bessy, she shared that this business helps people go to college, help them to be professionals and become employable. Aside from education, they also address health and involves their parents. They also provide financial literacy. They help them save and manage their money to pay for their own tuition and other bills. 

It's a reality that more people can not go through a college education due to poverty. It's inspiring to know that Krie and her tribe took advantage of their talents and sources to be able to reach out to others. It was heart warming to hear and see the stories of the people that have graduated because of the help that has been extended to them. One can cannot question the fact that having a degree and eventually getting employed will alleviate the poverty. One graduate in the family can help him send another sibling to school, producing another graduate and increasing the percentage of having a better life.

Krie said that doing the things she does at Messy Bessy isn't easy. But he has a big why can endure any how. Before you can help others, you need to help yourself first.


Sara Black had a prolific lifestyle as a creative professional. She has photographed some of the famous personalities in the region and has worked with multiple brands. She set up her own business after a handful years of internship with other companies. The first  three years in her own business was rough- she was  only earning enough to pay rent, salaries and electricity bills. But she knew in her heart that this is what she wants to do.

Being young, she thought she was invincible- working for more than 12 hours a day, traveling here and there, catering to as many clients. It was a good life. She was doing what her heart desires.

Until one day in 2013, all the hard work took a toll in her body and she found out that she had a tumor. This has filled her with fear. Am I dying? She questioned, crying. After a series of tests, it was found out that the tumor was benign. The whole experience gave her a major shakedown but she was thankful that everything turned out to be okay. 

It was a wake up call. The experience made her do an overhauled nutrition- seeking medical advise and eating  proper food. She went into sports- climb mountains, did sailing, ran a marathon. Being the unathletic kid that she was, she never thought she can make these things possible.

One time, while she was preparing for the Iron Man event, she had an accident and had multiple hip fracture. It was a painful experience but her way to recovery became easier with the support of her loved ones and friends. The therapy had her going back and she even finished 3 triathlons, 4 months after the incident.

She also discovered the appreciation for yoga. All these experiences had her body, mind and spirit come together- living in purpose and prosperity.


Having known that Bo Sanchez will be here, I knew I should never miss the chance to hear him again. He is one of the persons I look up to and has always found his words very enriching.

Bro. Bo shared that if one desires to be truly happy, we need to stop thinking about ourselves. Life is about serving and blessing other people.

Back in the day, he always believed that being rich is the root of evil. But having worked with the less privileged people, he realized he'd be able to help others if he had more. From then on, he had help a lot of people become financially literate- the classic story of him are his helpers who are already millionaires.

Earn as much as you can so you can give as much as you can. And I couldn't agree more. I try to work as hard as I can- taking every opportunity I can to earn more because I want to help my family more. And others too. I know the feeling of having less and having received help from a lot of people then, I've always felt I should give back.

Indeed, our life is about serving and being a blessing to other people.


”Life, health, and wealth are the essentials of a brighter future, but one can only achieve them if they save and invest for the future,” Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said. ”This is possible with the right partner, tools, and products, and these are what we would like to highlight this Financial Independence Month.”


Among the initiatives under ”Life” is the Life Insurance Calculator, which would help one assess how much life insurance he would need to properly cover the needs of his loved ones, giving him a clearer goal to pursue. The digital tool can be accessed via

Meanwhile, SUN Smarter Life Classic is a protection plan that provides double life insurance coverage throughout one's lifetime. Available in flexible premium payments, it also offers benefits that he can use in case of emergencies or immediate need for cash.

Sun Life is also set to team up with Waze to promote road safety in an initiative dubbed ”Brighter Drive, Brighter Life,” which will alert Waze users on accident-prone areas. This may also serve as a reminder for Waze users, who are also registered Lazada members, to insure themselves with a digital life insurance from Sun Life, such as Life Armor. It may be availed via the said online marketplace for as low as P100.


Sun Life endorses SUN Fit and Well, a new generation wellness plan that offers comprehensive life and health protection. It covers the whole health Journey from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, offering comfort and peace of mlnd should a serious illness strike.

GoWell, Sun Life's wellness community, has also expanded its tie-up with Fitness First to offer club benefits and preferential rates for Sun Life clients, advisors and employees.


Those eager to pursue their wealth goals can give the Investment Calculator 3 try at|nvestmentCalc to see how their money can grow over time using various financial instruments.

Once they are ready to start investing, they can opt to invest in the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever Funds from Sun Life Asset Management Inc. (SLAMCI). The first target date investment funds in the Philippines, these funds are designed to help investors achieve their goals on time with the minimum investment at only P1,000.

Should they wish to encourage their loved ones to start their own investing journey as well, they can give them a Sun Life Prosperity Card, 3 gift card which can be invested in any of Sun Life’s peso-denominated funds. It is available in P1,000 and P5,000 denominations.
In order to keep them on track as they pursue their life, health, and wealth goals, Sun Life also created Sun Future Planner, a comprehensive financial planning guide that would help one determine his life stage, analyze his needs, and take concrete steps to achieve his goals. The Sun Future Planner may be availed via a Sun Life advisor.

"We hope that Filipinos would utilize these solutions to create a more holistic and hardworking financial plan and serve more of his and his family‘s needs,” Lopa said. ”By saving, investing, and being more proactive in this pursuit, there is no doubt that they can look forward to a brighter future, and we aspire to be their partner for life in theirjourney towards financial freedom.”

For updates on Sun Life’s Financial Independence Month initiatives and for details on Sun Life’s products and digital tools, follow @SunLifePH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, visit, or talk to a Sun Life advisor today. 

Photos from Sun Life Philippines Facebook Page.


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