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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Your Perfect Budget Itinerary for Boracay

I'm an aquaphile. I enjoy hitting the waves and bathing under the sun. We're fortunate that our country, the Philippines, is home to a great number of beautiful beaches. And if there's a place that everyone must include in their bucket list, it's definitely Boracay! The talcum soft sands, pristine waters, glorious sunset and energetic vibe of this island had me coming back at this paradise. I've been here three times already and the recent clean up, makes we want to go back again.

Boracay has always been one of the leading destinations for beach lovers and party goers. Serene beaches, great seafood and freedom to live the perfect backpacker life has been attracting swarms of tourists to Boracay. Due to this, what used to be a backpacker’s paradise transformed into an island with upscale hotels that attract luxury travelers instead. However,the island is still friendly to those who are budget-conscious. I've often received questions about how expensive it is to have a vacation at Boracay. TBH, it's really not that expensive.TIP: Wait for a seat sale! :) I've DIYed all of my Boracay trips- from scouting for an affordable accommodation, haggling for tour packages (you must never miss helmet diving) and looking for budget-friendly food hubs. 

Here is how you can plan your short, budget trip to this island that never sleeps.


The island of Boracay can be easily accessed from most major cities in the Philippines. Still, the best and easiest way to reach it is via Manila or Cebu. There are two airports – Kalibo and Caticlan – that serve Boracay bound travelers. Kalibo is located an hour’s drive away from Caticlan and flying there is significantly cheaper. Once you land there will be buses and vans waiting to take your to Caticlan pier, from which it is only 15 minutes by boat to Boracay island.


While the island has some of the best luxury hotels and resorts, there are also countless options for those who are looking for cheaper accommodation. Some places such as Frendz Resort for example, can be booked for P500 during the off season. This is quite good considering it is located in Station 1 which is where the prime beach is.

If hostels are not your thing, guesthouses and budget hotels could also be a good choice considering you can find something nice and clean for around P1750 per night. This can go even lower if you focus your search on places located at Station 3, or if you are willing to stay somewhere on the main road and not directly by the beach. Still, from the main road it’ll only take you 5 minutes of walking to reach White Beach, so it might be worth it.

Beach resorts in White beach itself are usually quite pricey. The rates start at about 2500 a night for 3 stars accommodation due the high demand. Even worse, for that price you will get a pretty bad hotel. So, it might be worth it to stick to the suggestions above, or try booking a tour package to save money overall.


One of the best things that make Boracay so popular is the diversity of activities it brings along with it. While planning the itinerary, you do not have to worry much as Boracay will certainly keep you busy and you will never run out of things to do. The island has something to offer for every kind of traveler.

Island Hopping: One of the best things to do in Boracay is island hopping. You can hire a boat and take a half day or full day tour to some of the beaches including Puka beach, Tambisaan beach and more. The rates to hire a boat is between P1000 to P3500, so use your negotiation skills to get the best price. These rates normally vary depending on the season.

Scuba diving: If you are bored to do above-the-surface activities, explore the underwater world at the island. With over 15 scuba diving sites, get blown away by the amazing underwater caves, the corals and several interesting spots. Since there are number of diving centers, you can get a very good discount if you put in the legword and shop around before booking anything.

Fly Fish: For another exhilarating experience, ride this inflatable in the Boracay waters. This bumpy ride is surely going to win your heart if you are looking for some adventure. This activity is perfect for families who want to spice up their day instead of just laying on the beach.


Considering you only have a long weekend in hand this could be your sample budget itinerary.

Day 1: If you take a morning flight from Kalibo, you can manage to make it to the island by afternoon. Freshen up and get ready for some fun at white beach. You can spend your first day at the island by exploring the nearby beaches. End your day by watching the beautiful sunset, sipping on your favorite local beer.

Day 2: You can take an island-hopping tour or instead try out the water activities listed above – fly fish ride, scuba diving, parasailing, etc. The island-hopping tours normally include the meals, so don’t worry about spend extra bucks on your lunch. The tour agent will drop you at the hotel in the evening, after which you can relax and get freshen up for the night. Kiss away all your worries and dance, party, drink till you fall.

Day 3: Wake up early for a morning walk by the beach. Enjoy the local delicacies that can be served to you at one of the happening breakfast restaurants. You can visit the Pasalubong mall for some quick souvenir shopping. Pack up, check out and arrive at Kalibo airport.

Since the island offers you to spend your days the way you want, you can make it more fun filled or have a relaxed, laid back holiday by staying in one of the luxurious resorts. There are always ways to make the budget lower, for instance you can replace the flyfish riding or parasailing with other interesting adventure-filled, yet cheaper alternatives. If you are traveling in the group, the cost of food can be brought down.

Another important thing to note is the time of travel – off-peak season (June to October) are much cheaper, whereas the summer months can bring lot more fun, but for a cost.

Boracay is one of my happy places. And yes, I hope to back again soon!


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