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Sunday, November 4, 2018

My First 'Sangla' Experience

It will be my birthday several days from now and I planned of celebrating it in Taiwan this time. I have already booked my flight and everything is A-OK already. However, I went into a small dilemma last week. My mom's doing a homecoming to their province in time of the 'Undas' holidays. One of my sister is delivering her baby this month too. My niece will be going back to school after the short holiday break- which means tuition fee payment is 'waving'. Yes, these all meant I needed to shell some extra. And while I already have the finances for my birthday trip, I don't have extra cash to give to my mom, sister and niece. 

I initially thought of cancelling my Taiwan trip and use the money for my loved ones instead. I can celebrate on a different way naman. You see I'm a really good son, brother and tito. I can sacrifice my small happiness for them. 'tears'

I'm really torn because I have always wanted to go to Taiwan. Plus, it's sort of a reward to myself- after all, it's my birthday. But how I will manage a trip plus some extra for my family?

MAG-SANGLA (Pawn jewelries)

I thought maybe I can file for a loan. But then, I don't want to add more debt. And, something popped up! I can try pawning some of the rings my mom handed me many years ago. You see, my mom liked having gold jewelries back in the day. And I still remember how pawning these items have helped us survive our needs then.


Honestly, I don't have an idea about pawning- as in pawning on pawnshops. I have never accompanied my mom then to any pawn shops, but I have memories of her making 'sangla' her 'alahas' to friends or relatives and some neighbors making 'sangla' their gold necklaces or watches to my mom.

So off I went to pawn the rings I have. I have no idea about its value. To be honest, I'm not even sure if it's a real gold or if the stones are legit. Hahaha. I'll have the big reveal after I have it appraised.


So in Makati, I was accompanied by a friend who is also planning to pawn some items too. We visited pawn shop A and B. ( I won't mention their brands na lang because I did not pawn my items naman with them.)

For the two rings with six stones each, Pawn Shop A appraised it at Php 7,300; Pawn Shop B had it at Php 6,400. I thought it was less for the value of my items. I was also surprised that Pawn Shop B doesn't appraise stones-- only the gold-- hence the lesser value.

We decided to check one more- this time at Cebuana Lhuillier. The appraiser told me my rings were both 14k gold and had good value diamonds. Wow! I have no idea my mom had handed me down some really nice items!

After careful checking- the value of the two rings amounted to P17,000 +. That's some ten thousand difference from the first two pawnshops! 

My heart leaped in joy. Now, I have enough money for my trip and to help my family members.


Pawning isn't really difficult to do after all. You just go to the pawn shop. Have it appraised. If you're cool with the amount, then you just wait for the money to be handed to you.

I filled in a form, handed them my ID and in no time, I was given the money. Make sure you clarify the terms of payment and you have read the terms and conditions.


For someone who had experienced making sangla for the first time, I'm glad I decided to go to Cebuana Lhuillier. We all know that they have many branches and they have given me the highest appraisal. The appraiser even told me to make sure I get my items back and don't have it 'remata' because those are really precious. I'm not sure if other pawn shop staff will be as concerned like him.

I also like that the rings will be really safe. We all have heard the stories of pawnshops making 'tapyas' the gold, right? In Cebuana Lhuillier, my rings were placed in a small plastic. They had me sign the plastic and then had it sealed. 

I did not realize Cebuana Lhuillier have other services too. Aside from pawning, they also offer remittances, micro-insurance and micro-loan. 


My first sangla experience taught me several things:

- Don't settle for one or two pawn shops. Look for the shop who will give you the highest appraisal. I'm really glad I did not push through with the 1st pawn shop I visited. If I did, I would have missed the high appraisal Cebuana Lhuillier gave me.

- Invest in gold. And diamonds. Now I get it why my mom always wanted to have gold. It is a sound financial investment and store of value.

- It's not bad to pawn. It's a collateral loan - better than seeking debt from your friends or relatives. At least if you pawn something and had difficulty paying, they can get your items and for me, it's fair. :)


So after everything, I can push through with my Taiwan trip and also help my mom, sister and niece. I may have temporarily bid goodbye to some precious golds and gems by pawning them, but these have helped my family which is the biggest treasures that I have.

Sharing with you my VLOG on my first pawning experience. Please watch in HD and subscribe na din for more of my travel, food and other ganap. :)

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