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Monday, November 5, 2018

We’ve Got It Bad for B.A.D.

B.A.D.'s Steak and Eggs (Photo: BAD Late Night Breakfast Bar FB page

Not everyone is a morning person and you don’t need to be one when you’ve got B.A.D. Unlike many other breakfast diners, they open their doors at 6pm and serve an assortment of alcohol from beers and liquors to cocktails and wines.

B.A.D.’s got everything that we love about breakfast food and they take pride in it. These are some of the food from their All-Day Breakfast Menu we can’t get enough of.

Bacon and Eggs are a classic combo that deserves a spot on every breakfast menu. B.A.D. goes the extra mile and pairs these with waffles in their Bacon and Cheddar Waffle and English muffins in their Eggs Benny. They also include this duo in their Breakfast Hash Toast, along with spam, corned beef, pickled onion, sour cream, and a brioche.

An upgrade from bacon and eggs is the Steak & Eggs. USDA top blade meat, tater tots, mushroom, roast tomato, and ketchup butter – what more could you ask for. It looks like a masterpiece on the plate with the golden tots and egg yolk contrasting the nicely cooked steak.

We can’t talk about breakfast food and leave out Pinoy favorites like the Silog and Arroz Caldo. The Chillaxilog is a one-of-a-kind silog that substitutes your usual meat for chicharon bulaklak. It adds a nice crunch to the already flavorful garlic fried rice, sunny side up egg, and chili tomato chutney.

Last but not least, the B.A.D. Arroz Caldo is too good to pass up. Anything that could go well with the rice porridge was included; a satisfying portion of pork cheek, chicken, salted egg, boiled egg, and bonito flakes are all arranged on top, with the textures and flavors all tying in to present comfort served in a bowl.

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