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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Event: Kenwood Launch in Ph

Last month, at the beautiful British Ambassador's residence at the posh Forbes Park, I and other blogger friends were lucky to have been invited at the launch of the award-winning British brand, Kenwood.

Photo credit: British Embassy Manila Facebook page

A red carpet complete with men in British guard uniform welcomed us. We were handed a passport and boarding pass as we entered the door. Cool!

Of course the British Ambassador, Asif Ahmad, was there along with other guests from Hongkong, UK and Australia. Chef Martin Johns, Kenwood Chef head displayed his mastery in the kitchen using Kenwood appliances. The biggest culinary schools in the country and media friends are also at the event.

Founded in 1947 by Kenneth Wood, this company has fast become a respected global leader in food preparation appliances, now trading in over 40 countries around the globe. Kenwood products inspire confidence to create fantastic food for all occasions at all skills level. The company joined the De' Longhi Group in 2001.

One highlight of the said event is a Mini Cooper being pulled by a Kenwood Kitchen Machine. Awesome sauce!

Photo credit: British Embassy Manila Facebook page

Moms and cooking enthusiasts will surely find delight in Kenwood Kitchen Machines, What I love:
  • They are built to stand the best of time. Kenwood is synonymous with Quality.
  • It is British. The products have developed a global appeal and it is a name that is internationally known and respected.
  • They have spent 60 years in developing kitchen machines and improve food preparation in every kitchen. 
  • Their commitment to excellence in design that showcases both function and fashion has been integral to their ongoing success. 
  • Everyone who uses Kenwood products in the kitchen feels confident to better prepare and cook food. That's because the products are engineered to be dependable, and designed to produce consistently high quality results with the greatest of ease.
Oh, I'm totally wishing I can have these:

Jamie Weaden, Industrial Design Team Leader at Kenwood said: "Our products achieve both a rational consumer pull as well as an emotional one. MultiOne has been designed with both user convenience and functionality front in mind. We believe a progressive aesthetic paired with investment in the key touch points, both in terms of time and cost, will be critical in driving desire and delivering delight in ownership for many years to come."

After the program, we had a lovely dinner. The food was great, I specifically love the beef caldereta shepherds pie.

Thank you Kenwood for the awesome time!

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