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Monday, August 15, 2016

Guten Appetit: Wagner German Bakery

If you fancy authentic German bread and cuisine or just wanting to try it, I recently discovered a place one can visit in Valero, Makati. Last Friday, I dined at Wagner German Bakery.

Wooden table and chairs adorn the well-lit place of Wagner German Bakery. As soon as I enter the delicatessen, the owner in a traditional German attire, welcomed me. Coffee cups and stone mugs doll up the bread shelf. I know I'm in for a treat.

The Interiors

Scarf Down

Curry Wurst// Sausage with Pommes + Wagners Homemade Curry Sauce 

 Nurnburger Bratswurste // Grilled Pork Sausages with Sauerkraut

Hausgemachter Leberkase // Homemade Meat Loaf with potato salad and pretzel.

Fiaker Goulash// Beef goulash with fried egg and fried chicken sausage and dumpling 

Kasespatzle// Homemade noodles with cheese and roasted onions 

Schitznel// Veal with signature potato salad

To begin with, I love sausages and meat loaf. You can tell I was salivating when the Curry Wurst and the Hausgemachter Leberkase landed our table. The combination of the curry sauce and sausage were deeply aromatic. The Hausgemachter Leberkase is my favorite, my mouth is literally watering as I write about it. I've mentioned I love meat loaf and it was phenomenal- I can lick my plate clean!

The sausages are an assault of richness and flavor. I wish I had it with rice! Hahaha! I was looking for a depth at the potato salad. I don't know but I guess that's their traditional preparation. 

Another favorite is the Fiaker Goulash. The chicken sausage was really flavorful. I wish it had two or three of that in the plate. Flavors of paprika and onions and black pepper take center stage in this signature creation. I love it when I drag my fork in the sultry sauce. I can still relish the flavors of that in my mind up to now. 

The Kasespatzle was heavy in tummy. It's not the usual noodles we get to taste- it was something new for my tongue and the pocket of cheese was a sure delight. For meat lovers, the schitznel is a must try. The veal will surely make you want to come back for more. 

The pistachio gelato was a great way to finish the feast. The best I've tasted- indeed a piece of heaven on earth! I'm in love!

And of course, you have to taste the German Beer!

With the owner, Mr. Bernhardt Wagner

Up-close with Mr. Wagner:

Over-all, it was a food coma. I loved everything. The serving is big enough for sharing. By the way, the breads are a must try too. Their breads sell like hot cakes- that day, almost everything was sold by 2PM! The staff in German/ Polka outfit were warm and accommodating. 

I had a great time dining at Wagner German Bakery. Great food, awesome vibe, nice staff. The place opens at 7am and closes at 7pm, every Mondays- Saturdays. There are plans of extending a little late at night- I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

I wonder how this place is going to celebrate the forthcoming Octoberfest. Also, to see a yodeler or an accordionist, typical of a German resto, in the future, will be interesting. :)

Thank you Wagner German Bakery for the great dining experience! Guten Appetit!

PS. I adore these stone mugs. I want! :)

Wagner German Bakery is located at 
Two Central Building , Ground Floor, Retail B, Valero, Makati
Phone: 02 7720-955

Let's connect.

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