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Monday, March 21, 2016

Top 6 Picks for Budget Travel Destination

A summer getaway need not be expensive. And yes, there are many places that is very near Manila that you can visit to go basking in the sun.

Here are my Top 6 Picks for Budget Travel Destination.

1. Daranak Falls.

Tanay is not  more than 2 hours from Manila. For a small entrance fee of P50, one can enjoy the 14m high and 30 feet deep Daranak Falls! Bring food and go picnic-ing while enjoying the cool waters of Daranak. Click here for more of my Daranak escape.

I recommend a weekday visit if you wish to enjoy the place more. Daranak is always crowded during holidays and weekends.

2. Batlag Falls.

Batlag Falls is just a 10 minute trek from Daranak Falls. Compared to Daranak, crowd is much lesser here- maybe because of the separate entrance fee at the place. An overnight cost P200/head-- bring your tent and go camping at the place. It's one of the best experience I had! Here's the fun I had at Batlag. 

3. Mt. Pinatubo Trek

If trekking is your thing- then Mt. Pinatubo is for you! (Click here for my Mt. Pinatubo adventure.)The trek begins after the 4 x 4 off road adventure. Pass by gushing streams, sandy cliffs and rocky paths. The trek is around an hour and a half- depending on your phase. It will test your endurance and dry your throat and tire your muscles but all's worth it with this magnificent view---

4. Anawangin Cove, Zambales

The waters were not as crystal clear blue and the sands not fine and white but the view in Anawangin is indeed magical. Get surrounded by a scenic hill, calm blue green waters, pine trees and birds chirping above. The sunset was glorious too! Enjoy 2 days of camp life- no phone signal, no electricity, no Facebook and Instagram. If you want to be be devoid of the usual rush of city life, then Anawangin is the place to be! Here's the fun I had at Anawangin. 

5. Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Picturesque mountains, calm waters, laid back vibes - perfect for campers. Go wading at the beach or trek for an hour to reach a hidden falls or just marvel at the sundown- Nagsasa Cove is truly a haven waiting for you to discover. Here are the many other things you can do at Nagsasa.

6. Puerto Galera

I have discovered the beauty of Puerto Galera only three years ago. I have always loved the wonders of Coron and Antulang undersea but I also fell in love with the beautiful snorkeling spots of Galera. It's a little more than 2 hours by bus + 1 hour ferry ride. Whenever I get the chance, I make it a point to visit this place. Recommended is the visit to Tamaraw Falls and the Virgin Island. Click here and drool more. 

So there, my top 6 picks for those who wants to enjoy the summer to the fullest but is a little tight on the budget. Enjoy!

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