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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I'm 30ish And Not Complaining

So another year has been added to my age last Sunday. 'Palakpakan'

30 plus years and I feel so blessed. It was a busy life. I have lived in joys and sadness, in down falls and victories, in cynic and in faith, in falling in love but skeptic in forever. I have roamed places and continue to lust for more areas to visit. I waited for the rain, welcomed every sunshine and gloriously smiled at every sunset. My years have been great.

To my family who were loving and accepting for all my temperaments- I owe you big time. 

To my friends- gazillions of them- thank you for making me feel loved all the time. Special mention to my good buds Dani, Diony and Arnie and the rest of Urbanistas, my besties Car and Lizzie, college buds Dulce and Acher and my drinking buds Tropang MC.

To the very special person who rediscovered the potential in me- Ate Myles- you're one of the biggest blessings I'll be forever grateful.

To my officemates, elementary, HS and college chums, MUKHA AD family, Team OOG- thanks for all the sunny days. 

To the two persons who made me realized that I can open myself for a new love and at the same time broken my heart- thank you. There have been a lot of happy memories despite the sad ending. #KaylanganTalagaMamention  

To God who is my strength and the Giver of all these immeasurable blessings and to Our Lady of La Naval for all the intercession, my gratitude.

To everyone who remembered my birthday-can't mention you all- my warmest hugs. And to the readers of my blog, my sincerest thanks. 

And now that I'm a year older, I want to be more easy with life. To watch it unfold and just let things happen. I have been too hard with my life before and focused much on achieving things that I forgot to view the other extras. I'd like to explore more- roam the northest and southest of PH, and Asia and conquer Europe. I will eagerly await for that elusive love. And drink, and eat and take many pictures of memories. And be forever grateful for life's daily treasures.

Cheers to many years ahead.

Rak na itu!

Let's connect.


  1. Happy Birthday, Kuya Aleckx! May all your dreams come true. Mwah! I miss you.

  2. Thanks Joycie. Amishue too..hang out soon :)

  3. Haha! ang cute ng pic mo. Sakto sa Rock and Roll..
    Happy Birthday to you and many more to come!


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