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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day at Caritas Manila

My MUKHA AD family ( a youth formation group with the Dominican brothers ) went to Caritas Manila yesterday. I got invited and since I'm free, I thought it would be great to share my time. I see to it that I get a chance to give back for all the blessings I continue to receive yearly, so I didn't think twice upon hearing the invitation.

I packed some old clothes to donate before I left the house. I realized I have many clothes to give- I'm thinking of sharing the others next time. We've been told to bring an extra shirt and a towel but because I thought we might be sharing time with kids, I decided not to bring any since handling kids means 'no sweat' for me ( I used to be a preschool teacher.)

We arrived at Caritas Manila earlier as expected. No traffic. YEY!

We toured the place and then we had a short orientation. There, the projects of Caritas Manila were discussed. After that, we were taken to the warehouse ( if I can call it that ). The group volunteered to sort the donated clothes. We've been warned that it will be hot, but they will provide electric fans. There are lots of mosquitoes too but we were given repellants. Apparently, there are no kids to share time with and deciding not bring an extra shirt was a bad idea after all! I'm up for a tough challenge!

We literally stepped on piles of clothes, shoes, bags and toys. Our task was to sort all the clothes and put it in a sack.

piles of donations..

There were a gazillions of underwear! (Read thongs and bra!) What were they thinking??? Seriously, will you wear someone else's undies??

Sana naman if we are to donate things, we make sure others can still make use of it. Most of the donations there were practically trash.

The things that can still be sold are displaced at the SEGUNDA MANA store. It's a thrift store and many are  fab finds. Some are over inventory from big apparel companies. Other companies who had office renovation donated their old tables, chairs, and office computers- many of which were sold too!

So what can be donated?
* OLD ITEMS that can still be used (no more undies please!)
* USED ITEMS that still have value ( no broken utensils or dilapidated gadgets please!)
* NEW THINGS that you don't need or have too many of ( one Samaritan donated his Chrysler and was sold at P395K)
* OLD STOCKS, stocks for disposal and non- moving inventories

these were donations too..urinals anyone?

Proceeds of the SEGUNDA MANA store will fund the following programs for the poor:
1. YSLEP- Youth Servant Leadership and Education Program
2. Caritas Lunas
3. Caritas HAPAG-ASA
4. Caritas KABUHAYAN
5. Caritas RJ Ministry (restorative justice)
6. Caritas Sagip  ( disaster and crisis management program )

It was a tiring day. By 3pm, I can't imagine that we were able to sort many sacks! Kung nung una, wala kaming matapakang lupa, by the time we were finished- may lupa na! That only goes to show that a lot can be done basta sama-sama!

tired but all-smiles still

I realized that what we did is just a small act compared to how big really are the things that should be done. It was a nice feeling to have given my time. And I salute the many Samaritans of Caritas Manila- it takes a big heart to involve one's self to such charity work. It was nice to give back. Hopefully I can come back and volunteer again.

One thing is certain yesterday, we have created a multitude of LOVE (Caritas).

the group--good job guys!
  Donate - In-Kind
  • Material donations may be sent or dropped-off at our office in 2002 Jesus St.,   Pandacan, Manila.
  • Material donations intended for our Segunda Mana project may be dropped in the Segunda Mana donation box in your nearest  parish.
  • Or, you may have it picked-up in your home or office. Just call (02) 563 9298 for emergency relief donations, and (02) 564 0205 for Segunda Mana donations.

Get Involved!

Caritas Manila enjoins all Catholics in Metro Manila to volunteer their time, talent and treasure in the parish’s social services and development ministry.
This is a long-term involvement that brings together people with a heart for service, gives an outlet for their zeal, and deepens their commitment through continuing formation and exposure to our less fortunate brethren.
Those who cannot commit long-term but may want to help are likewise welcome.
Commercial photographers have taken pictures for us. Students have done admin tasks for us.
For inquiries, you may call at (632) 5639311 or email us at cm@caritasmanila.org.ph


  1. Hello Direk Alecks, nice post -- finally a first-hand write-up about Segunda Mana. Thanks sa update. Pwede ko ba i-reblog ito? Kung maaari, pa-share na rin ng ilang pics mo. Full credit sa yo.

    Please let me know.

    Kiko of myPandacan.com / Pandacan1011.com

  2. Hi Kiko,

    Sure.. =))

    Im encouraging the group the share theirs too. Will let you know once I have them. Pls share your email so I can update you.

  3. Thanks Direk Aleckx. Will reblog this today (will be published late in the afternoon).

    Btw, eto mga email adds namin:

    - pandacan1011 [at] gmail [dot] com
    - info [at] pandacan1011 [dot] com

    Salamat ulit!


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