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Monday, January 26, 2009

Samu't sari sa LRT 5: PDA

It's a usual 'siksikan Monday' at the LRT kanina. Although,i'm super early na just to get away from the usual LRT-Monday- bulk,many were early too..lolz..

After having skipped 2 exaggeratedly 'puno' train, I decided to board na on the next. Siksikan pa din syempre..buti na lang I've already mastered the art of making siksik na din..

Eto ka na..

Sa harap ko,may magsyota..Dahil uber siksikan na nga at natutulak na ang mga tao everytime it reaches the station, this BF ( the magsyota Im referring ) was really on guard with his GF..Sweet sana.. pero mind you, di bagay sa kanila ang mag- sweet-sweetan,,nyahaha..

May itsura naman ung GF- fair skinned,chinita...pero the BF??? He looks old for the girl, already suffering from HIV ( hair is vanishing ) and he was wearing a literal na pambahay outfit..when his GF is on her business attire..

Ang di ko na-take is when they started kissing, first- smack lang sa kiss then some burst of kissing,kissing, kissing na talaga! Talk about PDA inside a train na punong-puno ng tao. I dont mind couples giving each other some love as a way of bidding momentary good byes...pero in this situation na it's like having 'private moments' inside a public vehicle..i just find it a lil off..

What's gross is the BF has a 'putok' pa.. I can smell it everytime he raises his hands to hold to the railings,and he is in his sando pa naman ( What a way to start the Year of the Ox-Literally!).. And what's more gross is that the GF would kiss pa his BF's kilikili!!!YUCK!!!( Ang arte ko ba? ) Is this just a fetish or another proof that love is blind?..well in this can't smell too..

Aww...just another manic Monday...lolz

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