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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goat in the Year of the Ox

Two days after Chinese New Year, I browsed the net for what's a-poppin' for me in the year of the Ox. Swerte kaya? Oh,well..hardworking naman ako so I guess, I'll reap naman the fruits of my labor.

BTW, my ninang gave this bracelet for money daw. Surprisingly,maswerte nga sya saken. Money seems to come when I least expect it..Salamat ninang..may swerteng dala ang mahiwagang money bracelet. She also gave me a cat's eye bracelet- pantaboy naman ng malas o jinx yun..
Here's the forecast for those born under the Goat sign:

A prediction in the year of the ox this 2009 is that a person born in the year of the Goat (1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003), can look forward to better luck in love in 2009 – both for male and female. A single Goat will be luckier than the previous year when it comes to dating, in fact being single and free could have contributed to this change of fate. While those who are already in a relationship would be looking forward to a more harmonious relationship, although the year could also bring them more time off from each other.

Looking forward to a long time relationship that might blossom this year..woah..i'm excited to find out who the lucky person might be..'kilig'..

However, the Goat should watch out for love triangles that can destroy the otherwise harmonious relationship with their partner. And with two stars of Gossip shining upon them, the Goat should learn to stay quiet and just work harder, remembering to mind his own business and not sticking his nose on others, otherwise, it could only lead him to more trouble.

Love triangle agad???!!!umpf...nangyari na yan, early this year,,,waaaahhh!!!

But despite this, the Goat can expect to have better interpersonal relationships. And with the star of Grace guiding him, he will be able to acquire help from people with influence. Promotions, which could include salary raise, and personal developments are also waiting for the Goat in 2009. Indeed, everything seems to look better.

Yan ang hinihintay ko..promotion and salary increase...c'mon!Give that to me!

One thing that the Goat should also watch out is the physical condition of his/her partners, and with the star Gua Su shining on him, he is likely to feel lonely along with other emotional problems. While everything really seems to look better, there are still quite a number of negative or unlucky stars shining on the Goat, threatening his health and interpersonal relationships, that is he should always be conscious and pay attention to these departments so as not to hinder his career development.

Nakow..yan ang mahirap..health is wealth..I should know..galing na ako dyan..more more gulay and fruits for me and my loved ones para healthy lagi..sa panahon ngayon- bawal magkasakit!

to know what's in store for you..check this link: http://shine.yahoo.com/page/2009-chinese-horoscope/

Kiong Hee Huat Tsaii!!!May the Year of the Ox bring prosperity and luck to all of us!

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