Tunay Na Tagalog

What will be the outcome of English 'business' terms translated in Tagalog?

Here are a few sample words - English to Tagalog

·   Asset - Ari
·   Fixed Asset - Nakatirik na ari
·   Liquid Asset - Basang ari
·   Solid Asset - Matigas na ari
·   Owned Asset - Sariling pag-aari
·   Other Asset - Ari ng iba
·   False Asset - Ari-ari-an
·   Miscellaneous Asset - Iba-ibang klaseng ari
·   Asset Write off - Pinutol na pagaari
·   Depreciation of Asset - Laspag na pag-aari
·   Fully Depreciated Asset - Laspag na laspag na pag-aari
·   Earning asset - Tumutubong pag-aari
·   Working Asset - Ganado pa ang ari
·   Non-earning Asset - Baldado na ang ari
·   Erroneous Entry - Mali ang pagkaka-pasok
·   Double Entry - Dalawang beses ipinasok
·   Multiple Entry - Labas pasok nang labas pasok
·   Correcting Entry - Itinama ang pagpasok
·   Reversing Entry - Baligtad ang pagkakapasok
·   Dead Asset - Patay na ang ARI


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