Naughty Pinoy Food Names

(The following words may contain adult content. Read on your own risk. Wahahaha!)

Katuwaan lang po..

1. TAPSILOG- Tapa, sinangag, itlog
2. LONGSILOG- Longganisa, sinangag, itlog
3. HOTSILOG- Hotdog, sinangag, itlog
4. CHICKSILOG- Chicken, sinangag, itlog
5. PORKSILOG- Porkchop, sinangag, itlog
6.AZUCARERA- Adobong aso
7. LUGLOG- Lugaw at itlog
8. PAKAPLOG- Pandesal, kape, itlog
9. KALOG- Kanin, itlog
10. PAKALOG- Pandesal, kanin, itlog
11. MAALOG NA BETLOG- Maalat na itlog, pakbet, itlog
12. BAHAW- Bakang inihaw (akala n'yo kaning lamig)
13. KALKAL- Kalderetang kalabaw
14. HIMAS- Hipong malasado
15. HIMAS SUSO- Hipong malasado, sugpo, keso
16. HIMAS PEKPEK- Hipong malasado, kropek, pinekpekan
17. PEKPEK MONG MALAKI- Kropek, pinekpekan, monggo, laing, kilawin
18. DILA- Dinuguan, laing
19. DILAAN MO- Dinuguan, laing, dalandan, molo
20. BOKA BOKA- Bopis, kanin, bokayo, kape
21. BOKA BOKA MO PA- Bopis, kanin, bokayo, kape, molong pancit
22. KANTOT- Kanin, tortang talong
23. KANTOT PA- Kanin, tortang talong, pancit
24. SIGE KANTOT PA- Sinigang na pige, Kanin, tortang talong, pancit
25. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO- Sinigang na pige, Kanin, tortang talong, pancit- TAKE OUT
26. SIGE KANTOT PA IBAON MO PAPA- Sinigang na pige, Kanin, tortang talong, pancit- TAKE OUT WITH KETCHUP
27. SIGE KANTOT PA HA-  Sinigang na pige, Kanin, tortang talong, pancit, halo-halo
28. PAKANTOT- Pandesal, kanin, tortang talong
29. PAPAKANTOT- Papaitan, kanin, tortang talong
30. PAPAKANTOT KA BA- Papaitan, kanin, tortang talong, kapeng barako
31. PAKANTOT SA YO- Pandesal, kanin, tortang talong, saging + yosi
32. PAKANTOT KA- Pandesal, kanin, tortang talong, kape
33. PAKANTOT KA HABANG MATIGAS PA- Pandesal, kanin, tortang talong, kape, inihaw na bangus, maruya, tinola, ginisang aso, pansit
34. SUBO- Sugpo, bopis
35. SUBO MO- Sugpo, bopis, molo
36. SUBO MO PA- Sugpo, bopis, molo, pansit
37. SUBO MO PA MAIGE- Sugpo, bopis, molo, pansit, mais, pige
38. SUBO MO TITE KO- Sugpo, bopis, molo, tinola, teriyaki, kochinta
39. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS - Sugpo, bopis, molo, tinola, teriyaki, kochinta, bihon, tawilis
40. SUBO MO TITE KO BILIS, HAYOP! - same as # 39; minura lang ang waiter dahil sa tagal ng order.

So, what's your order? I know you're smiling.. hahaha!

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