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Friday, January 7, 2011

Phil. Charity Foundation Text Scam

I'm pretty sure many of us have received a similar message on our mobile phone like this:

I received this message from +639072471248 this morning:
Congrats! Ur sim # won Php. 950,000 2nd Prize Draw Last Jan/05/2011 Pls call me now.I'm Sec. Noel A. Mendez Auditor of Phils. Charity Foundation DTI.1344.

Our company phone (postpaid line) usually receives messages like this. I decided to call the number, not to claim the prize but to rage over this scammer.

Phone ringing...

"Alleged Noel Mendez" : (in a not-so-secretary-ish voice) Hello..sino po ito? (NAG-TAGALOG SI SECRETARY?!)

Me: You called me, you said I won P950,000..

ANM: Kayo po ba yung naka-receive ng message?

Me: What's your name?

ANM: Nakalagay na po dun ( this time, sounding like a little angry)

Me: Then why don't you tell me your name?

ANM: I'm Noel Mendez..

Me: And you're a secretary? Style n'yo bulok! Scammer! I've reported you to the police! They are tracking your number now!

ANM: Go ahead! Di mo malalaman ang location ko!

Me: Maghintay ka lang, they'll be arresting you any minute from now!

He turned off the phone.

Still not satisfied, I sent him this message:

Style n'yo bulok. Ang alam nyo lang mag-collect ng sim cards para makapangloko ng kapwa nyo.Sabay-sabay sana kayong sunugin sa impyerno. Halang ang mga bituka n'yo. Maghanap kayo ng matinong trabaho! Mga impakto kayo!


Funny how he claims to be a secretary when he doesn't have sufficient load to call the 'winners' if this is really legit. Time and again, we have been warned. I usually make 'patol' to this scammers just to make them feel that we are aware of their effin' moves.

AGAIN, should you receive such message from the Phils. Charity Foundation, this is a SCAM! In order to win in a raffle, one must submit an entry,and you dont have to pay to claim your prize. They usually ask for celphone loads in P300 for them to process your claim.


  1. The new number that they are using is 09092954078 just recieved yesterday...

  2. They actually use a lot of number..yan lang naman kaya nila gawin--ang magpalit ng sim card..

    Let this be a warning to everyone, Phil. Charity Foundation is a scam.

  3. i just received a text message yesterday the number was 09308009651 and the other one was 09398920891

  4. Actually I recieve today this scam message from +639058713843 so bastard I'm n the middle of my dream and so deep sleep it make my day bad I can't go back to sleep again. Hope those people doing scam or bothering our peaceful life hope one of this day they go to hell! DONT easy to TRUST.

  5. There is privately funded concerned citizen group heading a private investigation on the syndicate behind these text scams since the government is doing nothing about it and are probably coordinating with the NBI with the investigation. May mga leads na sila. Matagal na rin pala ongoing ang investigation na ito and may finally have an entrapment soon. Lets wish for their success and help the investigating team by sharing details about experiences, may research team na din kasi on this. Thanks!

  6. To Anonymous August 10, 2011 5:01 PM

    That's great news! Sana mahuli na ang mga ulupong na yan. Andami na nilang nabiktima. We should put an end to this. Thanks for the update!

  7. His using another number 09129301915 under villar foundation

  8. Marami silang ginagamit na numbers..dapat sa mga yan, matimbog na!

  9. I received text message today from 0939-9850433 stating:

    Congrats! Ur Sim# had won php750,000.00-2nd prize winner from Phils Charity Foundation. To claim ur prize, Pls call me now! I'm Sec. Tirzo A. Zulleta. DTI.1344


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