Ang Aking Kabataan : Verum Est (Totoo Ba ito?)

' Nostalgic mode'
I was rummaging thru my files last night. And guess what I saw? Nope..not love letters..but pictures of my childhood. =))

I dont know what happened but REALLY, there are NO traces of the 'then' me now..I used to be really fair skinned..Mahilig ba ako mag- beach o laman lang ako ng kalye talaga kaya ako naging moreno (read MAITIM)?!

Here are the photos I scanned.. THESE are my real childhood pictures.. YES, ako ito..
Habang tinitingnan ko ang mga larawang ito, ang namuong katanungan sa isip ko ay : VERUM EST, Totoo ba ito?

My christening ( dalawang Ninong--yung nasa likod--lang ang nakilala ko sa kanila )

..visiting Ninang's house ( according to Pa)

( Closer look) I look like Hapon here..amputi ko!

This is me at 1.. How retro--standing before a cassette player and a TV in a cabinet!

My 1st birthday (with Ninang)

Taken at Luneta with Lola, Mama and Joan

Lovin' my hair and the shades here! Sitting at the lap of Tito Vic (+)

My 2nd birthday.. Notice the balloon--uso yan noon--and the ever reliable Standard electric fan

And this is me NOW..

I wish Im still maputi and Hapon-looking..haist!

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Allan works full time as a Recruitment Head for an IT Solutions company in Makati and juggles blogging along side. He’s fond of travelling, a certified beach and nature lover and would want to explore more of Earth’s riches. A former community theater director, a pre school teacher and a frustrated Star In A Million contestant, Allan hopes of conquering the big stage for a spotlight one day. Conversation and people are his passion.
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