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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ang Pangit na Service ng Eastern Telecoms

bwiset na Eastern Telecom..

Late Jan 09, I decided to subscribe to EVO DSL of Eastern Telecommunications. Bundle ito ng landline at DSL for P1195. It took almost two weeks before the phone was finally installed, 4 days before it had a dial tone, 3 days after the internet was installed and another 3 days before I finally had an internet connection. Haggard na sa umpisa pa lang right?

I received my first bill last March. Details as follow:

Statement date: March 01,2009
Billing period: Feb 6, 2009- Feb 28, 2009
Amount due: P882.10

3 days before my due date, I personally went to their payment office to settle my dues. The cashier told me I should pay the amount of P2176.41 instead. Huwat?! I only brought P883 with me! I asked how it happened and why the amount did not reflect on my bill. The 'knowing' lady told me there had been mistake in the billing. The amount should have been P981.41 for Feb 7-28 and P1195 for March 1-31. She said they bill in advance thus I have to pay March too even if it isn't in my billing statement yet.

I immediately called the customer service hotline of Eastern Telecoms and reported what happened. I told them if there are credit adjustments to be made, please have it changed and I want to see that reflect on my next bill. The CSR even advised that I need not worry since I paid what's reflected on my bill.

The 2nd bill came:

Statement date: April 01,2009
Billing period: March 1-31, 2009
Amount due: P484.13

What? Im bundled to the P1195 EVO DSL..How did this happen? P484.13???
Nevertheless, I still paid P1200 and again called their customer hotline and reported it.

I did not receive my bill for the next month so I called their hotline AGAIN!I asked how much my due was ( though I know it is P1195! ). To my surprise, the very efficient people of Eastern Telecom told me I even have an advanced payment and I need not pay any for that month. Anooooo?!! Paano nangyari yun? Again, since I know I have an obligation to pay P1195 for my bundle, I settled the amount still. Asking them AGAIN to make all the necessary adjustments---but to no avail.=((

Come May, my bill amounted to P1697.05. For the nth time, I called Easter telecom to explain the 'phenomena'. I never neglected any of my bills with them. Paanong nangyaring lumalabas ay may kulang akong almost P500 sa kanila? The CSR told me 'na ganun daw talaga yun' That they normally bill the next month in advance. Sabi ko, it was only this time. Bakit di ginawa dati? And if this is the case, lumalabas na di talaga P1195 ang monthly due ng subscribers di ba? Double the amount na!At saka bakit 500 lang?Dapat P1195 ulit if they really bill in advance.

For the many calls I made sa hotline nila, I did not receive sound answers. The billing adjustments had not been made. It seems they are not doing anything to my many appeals.. Naaasar na ako.. Hanggang bumbunan..promise!

Last June, 12 days--yes, almost 2 weeks-- akong walang dial tone at internet connection. Weird because in our street, kami lang ang bukod tanging wala.Sabotahe?! I called them AGAIN and promised that they will assign someone to look for the matter.I asked for a rebate on the many days that there were no service. Pucha,sobrang hassle na talaga ang idinulot nila sa akin. The CSR promised that the rebate will appear on my July bill.

At syempre may nangyari ba? My bill is still almost P1700- di pa din nagawang i-adjust from the previous and alang rebate na binigay..

Sa dami ng tawag ng reklamo ko sa kanila, walang nangyari.. Nakakapagod na din tumalak sa kanila.. Nasasayang lang ang oras at laway ko.

Ang hirap dahil naka lock ang subscription ko sa kanila for 18 months. Kailangan magbayad ng pre-termination fee ng almost 2k if I want to have the services cut. Bwiset talaga..Pasakit itong EASTERN na ito.

I even sent an EMAIL to their Finance department pero alang sagot.

Baka dalawa lang ang taong nagtatrabaho sa kanila..Kaya nagtambak na ang reklamo.

And mind you, a lot of times ala akong internet connection.

So if you're thinking of getting the services of Eastern Telecoms- think again! You dont wanna experience the hell I had with them.


  1. Thanks for the information. Been weighing the pros and cons of the DSL providers here in the Metro. This is important information.

  2. Hi..I suggest you subscribe to PLDT least, that's a major company and more people can attend to your apela's just in case something happens.. The people stationed at Eastern office, Victory Mall aren't as accomodating as they should be.. Make reklamo and they would even advise you to have your line cut if you aren't satisfied with their service,,tama ba yun?

  3. Been there, done that. Many times and we had enough so we cut and switch to another ISP. They were ok at first but dnt expect anything good when you got lock up in the contract. Ningas kugon ba.


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