Awesome Michael Johns

I and my officemates Dulce,Blyth and Kiko flocked to Glorietta for Michael Johns' (American Idol Season 7 finalist) mini- concert yesterday. He is already singing when we came to the venue and I'm glad we still had a good spot to watch him perform considering a jampacked venue. Michael John is one awesome performer. The audience went ga-ga,screaming and yelling and clapping and enjoying his show. It was a memorable one hour performance. That man's got sure of his voice and he can really draw the crowd. We liked his line up of songs...I got chills when he responded to the audience's request to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Here's the vid I took ( I also uploaded this in You Tube), of his Bohemian Rhapsody sample...

Here's another song from of my fave hits.. I was stomping and singing along and suddenly I became a huge fan!=) forgive my vid for the bad sound...lolz

I really wish we can see him perform longer. My officemates are planning to watch him again in Greenbelt.

Here's some shots of his stellar performance..

Michael Johns rock!!!!

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