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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Beerday to me!

Yes...I just turned 27..(alright, i already stopped counting at 27) A lot of times I would get confused everytime someone would ask my age- again,that's because i stopped counting at 27..I must admit I really dread ageing,,,there's something in it that scares me..fear of looking at the future perhaps.Great thing I don't look my age..thanks OLAY..lolz.

My candle day is usually one of the more anticipated events for my friends.It is usually a big drinking galore celebration.But last year was a rather small gathering- it was because I had just gone through an operation and I felt throwing a party was a lil off. Some friends thought I still needed to celebrate and so I had. And so, a year after that operation,my friends are expecting my bash again..
The first inuman night was held at Jhyng's place in Valenzuela with my UE friends. I went home at 5am.( Got no pics to show- my cam's not with me then )

Nov 15- Saturday, was inuman in Ninang's place for the GingGangGooly. Im still having a hangover from the previous night's inuman,but I have to stay up for another celebration!
It was fun- again we swam with the beer and belted out in the videoke. It was also sad because Ramon,Diony, Linda & Mennen weren't there.

I cooked carbonara and prepared a salad on my bday-nov 16- for my family. During the night,another inuman for my MC friends- the alcoholic society.By this time, my head is literally floating from too much drinking the past 2 nights and from having lil sleep. Again,we belted in the videoke..First time I heard Michael sing..It was a lil sad because Elvie, RE, Jay, Pareng Jopet, Ate Anna & Manong Glen weren't there.We finished at 2am and my friends went home all drunk.=)
The videoke contenders...

todo birit!

Yesterday was my lunch treat at the office..Haaay, with all the gastos-salamat at nairaos na din! =)

My heartfelt THANK YOU's:

To my Creator for the wonderful 20 something years
To my parents who undyingly support and love me and my siblings
To my friends who continue to share happy and low moments with me

To all those who greeted me, thank you!
Here are some of the messages from some friends:

From Ate Myles,my number 1 supporter and my mentor: I wish you a day w/ lots of special graces; a day of extra ordinary things to smile about; a day with much happiness and love in your heart.Happy bday!

From Mennen: Dont ever forget your old friends when new ones get added, because.." A new broom may sweep clean, but the old brush knows all the corners!" Happy Bday!

From Sienna: I prayed that you always carry a heart that never hates, a smile that never fades, a touch that never hurts and a LOVE that never fails! Happy Bday! God Bless!

From Ate Roselle: Happy Bday! May God grant your heart's desire. May you have the grace thru out the year's ahead. God be with you always!

From Girlie: Prayer is my gift for you everyday that you will be fine,protected and have the strength to cope with all the pressures and stress in life. Happy bday.

From Kuya Jigs: Happy Bday!I pray for your good health and blessings! If you can come tonight sa trinoma for a dinner with the group,we'll celebrate your bday. ( sadly, I cant join them coz I have another inuman session with another group of friends )

More Happy Bday greetings from:

Archie,Dulce, Elvie, Alvin (kala ko makakalimutan mo na), Mommy Shirley, Blyth, Dette,Tita Esing, Dante ( been greeting me since Nov 13), Kuya Paolo,Cang, Sir Balgos, Ate Anna, Albert,Pooh (one of the earlier greeters), Ate Joy, Lizzie, Joel, Ramon---much,much THANKS for remembering.

Forgive me if I forget some of the names.Again, SALAMAT sa inyo.My life has been more meaningful with you around.

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