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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I was watching a morning show while preparing for another day's work. One of the features was the "tilapia" festival in Pangasinan. Yep, another festival. ( See my previous entries Sept- Walang Magawa; April- Taranta; Feb- Ansakit sa Ulo)

Matapos ang sandamakmak na fiesta sa kagulayan at kaprutasan- fiesta naman ng mga ISDA!!Di ba ang bangus festival ay sa Pangasinan din? When the reporter asked the organizers why they chose to hold a tilapia festival, they said that it is because there is an abundance of tilapia in their place. In fact, they claimed that most of our supplies came from there..Hmmm...I'm sure may Tuna Festival din sa GenSan, Danggit festival sa Cebu, Butanding festival sa Bicol, Talakitok festival in Batanes, Sapsap festival in Zamboanga, Hito festival in Bulacan, Jellyfish festival in Cavite and Dilis festival in Pasig!There are many fish in the sea.And since we are an archipelago- we are sorrounded by seas- thus we have an abundance of fish! More fish, more festivals!!!SAYA!!! OK, what's next?CORRUPTION FESTIVAL?!We also have an abundance of that! Hay, we have gone insane!

The world has gone insane!

Interestingly, a lot has happened this year, di lang sa bansa natin.. US elected a black president. Gasoline price soared unbelievably high, but has been goin' down tremendously now. US, Europe and the world is having financial difficulty today. There's the Mumbai attack. The protest in Bangkok..Everything in this year!Sweet Lord!

Looks like a challenging year, a really tough time for most of us. Given a chance to choose between living during these times or experiencing a more subtle era, what would you prefer?
Oh well, been livin' a rather hard times then, so I think I'd prefer a more comfortable and simpler way of life. Less challenging,yes, but generally more peaceful.

Christmas is nearing. Tough times. We have been zoning out and with all these chaotic things happening, it's really hard to be sane.. But yes, we can still loosen the shackle that binds us with all these insanities.. Maki-ihaw na sa Tilapia festival sa Pangasinan.. 'toinks'

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