Funny Business Names

I was browsing the net for a small scale business when I chanced upon the entry below. The following are some of the hilarious business names in our native land. Well,this only shows that we, Pinoys, are really one of the jollier nations of this world.
Read on..have a lil laugh

Laba Kita
Papa Laba
Washing Well
Labandera Ko
Cinna Von
Washing Well
Kosh Kosh Ayosh
Microsoap (Ginaya yung Microsoft Logo, but shaped it into a T-Shirt)
wash up wash up

water station:
ATM (Automatic Tubig Machine)

Bite Club
My Yummy Vice
pinoy big burger
Mang Donald’s
Cooking ng Ina Mo
Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin!
Pancit ng tagaMalaboni - resto in boni
Kik Mai Bols - Stall ng mga squid balls etc
Gweenitz - Sa Laguna
hamburger- ANNE
pancit - ANNE
Caintaky Fried Chicken — Kainan in Cainta
Ken Afford
Chicago Balls
Bread Pitt - bakery
Maruya Carey
Point-point Eatery
Beery Good - beerhouse
aling maLUGAW - lugawan
GOTO Ko Pa - sa dasmarinas, cavite
Cleopata’s -bakahan and manukan
Crispy per minute - Crispy Pata Eatery
Let’s Goat-Together
MacDonuts - donut shop
Miki Mao - noodle eatery
Side-saki - side street eatery
TapSi TurBi -Tapa & Sinangag, Turon at Bibingka
The Fried of Marikina - fried chicken shop
Wrap and Roll - lumpia outlet,
obeertime - beerhouse-
le shoo fly (a turo-turo) — spoof of le souffle
’Tri Mo Shawarma Co.pork barrel grill & restaurant
VIOLY BEE - carinderia ni aling violy
Cafe Pin.Dot
angels goto heaven - gotohan
jolliback - carinderia sa likod ng jollibee
Wok This Way - chinese resto
McBo - carinderia inside ateneo
Papa Bols - fishball stand
SM Siete Mart (sari-sari store near our house)
TANGING INA lutong bahay - carenderia in UP
TANGING INA MO RIN lutong kapitbahay - its competitor, just acroos lutong bahay
GoldiLuz - imitation ng goldilocks
Rubenson - fruit stand along tagaytay
FREDCHICKEN - chicken roasters
Isaw-saw Mo - isawan
Joseph Strata - fastfood in strata 2000
Bicho by Gollywow - bisho bisho in mega foodcourt
Aristoback - canteen sa likod ng aristocrat
Starback - likod ng starbucks in lasalle
hopia like it
cupprichos - coffee shop sa sm fairview

mahal kita inn & restaurant
Hotel Mokko - motel
Stairway to Heaven - motel
Machonurin - pub
Sabik Disco & KTV
Chicks o’Clock - Beer Garden sa may Avenida
Motel Kiskisan- Some cheap motel sa may Quiapo
Triple XXX pub house

PhD (Phone Doctor) - cellular phone sale and repair shop
Petal Attraction - flower shop
Leon King - video rental
The Way We Wear - boutique
ukay-ukay baguio city branch - pero nasa olongapo
Bee Cool - car aircon shop
Joy Ride Driving School
RePhil - gas station
Shuttles Best - badminton court
Joey’s Sixth Scents - perfume shop
maligamgam ktv
Fernando Pe’s Box Office Hits - video rental
Maid To Order - maid’s placement agency
Meating Place - meat shop
Memory Drug - mercury drug clone
Susan’s Roses - flower shop
MASTERVISION - video rental
mabuhay funeral homes
Last Trip Funeral Parlor
Shoes Ko Po! - shoe repair shop
Ben Diesel - Automotive parts store
Tinapatan -� tapat ng tinapayan bakery near ust
Menos SINGko para aLA SINGko - videoke bar
Brad Pets - pet shop
halliwood - lumber supplier - second hand car dealer sa bicutan
Rolls Roy Auto Shop
DentisaCo (siyempre last name ng dentist Co)
STAR BOX - movie house in batangas
BALLOONBALLOONAN - tindahan ng mga balloon
hack you - internet shop
paint station - tindahan ng mga pintura
bill’s gate - internet shop with the microsoft windows logo na parang gate ata ang design
Everything but the Groom - bridal registry
Sweet Dreams - funeral parlor
Seven ni Len Len - sari sari store

hair/beauty salon:
Harry Cutter
hair force one
Split Enz
Pinoy Big Barber
Felix the Cut
Curl Up And Dye
Saudia Hairlines

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