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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Farewell to Mister Donut Greenhills: A Tale of Nostalgia and Endearing Memories

Image from Mister Donut Facebook Page

As the doors of Mister Donut in Greenhills, San Juan closed last January 31, it marked the end of an era that spanned 42 years—a place that became a cherished haven for many, including myself. The news of its closure brings a wave of bittersweet emotions, as the iconic establishment bids farewell to its loyal patrons and the countless memories forged within its walls.

For me, Mister Donut Greenhills wasn't just a coffee and pastry shop; it was a repository of shared stories, laughter, and camaraderie. I can vividly recall the warmth that enveloped the place, creating an atmosphere where friendships flourished, dates bloomed, and families found solace in sweet treats and heartwarming conversations.

The recent gathering of former staff, past managers, and devoted customers dating back to 1982 felt like a poignant symphony of reminiscing. A short program beautifully highlighted the good times, recounting the laughter that echoed through the years and the countless moments that shaped the identity of this beloved spot.

What struck me most was the diverse tapestry of patrons that Mister Donut Greenhills hosted. From well-known personalities like Richard Gomez and Freddie Webb to the influential Regal Entertainment Mogul, Mother Lily Monteverde, the establishment became a melting pot of connections, where big names mingled with locals, creating a unique and vibrant community.

As we sat through a heartfelt dinner, stories flowed like the coffee that had been a constant companion. It was evident that beyond the donuts and coffee, Mister Donut Greenhills had become a significant backdrop for life's milestones. It witnessed first dates, celebrated birthdays, and even sealed business deals. The walls of this quaint haven could tell tales of friendships forged over a cup of coffee and partnerships solidified with the sweetness of their signature treats.

Here's me present during the last day of Mister Donut Greenhills

Now, as the redevelopment plans unfold and the doors are locked, the nostalgia lingers. Mister Donut Greenhills will be dearly missed by its loyal customers who found comfort in its familiar ambiance. The memories created within its walls will live on, echoing in the hearts of those who shared a piece of their lives within this establishment.

Staff and managers pose for one final picture before store closes

Marketing and Key Accounts Director Meggie Jose has this to say to its loyal patrons: "Maraming salamat po sa mga nagpunta during the last 6 days to take pictures and to reminisce the old times. Hindi naman po mawawala ang Mister Donut because we have 800 stores plus over 3,300 with institutional partners..so andyan lang po kami. We will be your constant companion. Visit po kayo sa mga stores namin. Visit our Facebook (page) para malaman ang mga new things that we are doing like product launches and promos as well. Tuloy-tuloy pa din po tayo ng samahan because that has always been our goal-to be with you at any time of the day and provide you snacks."

In the end, the closure is not just about the physical space but a poignant farewell to an era that shaped the stories of countless individuals. Mister Donut in Greenhills, San Juan, may have closed its doors, but the memories it gifted us will forever remain etched in our hearts—a testament to the enduring power of a place that transcended its humble beginnings.


  1. Sure pa din na talagang mag iiwan ng magandang memories and sarap sa mga customers ng Mister Donut

  2. Ang daming namimiss sa Mister Donut
    At kung Customers o laging Bibili Dito , talagang mamimiss natin sila at yung memories natin Dito ay talagang nakakatatak sa Puso sa Bawat Isa sa atin


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