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Saturday, August 12, 2023

CALABARZON Wellness Wanderlust: 17 Recommended Places To Unleash the Soul amidst Nature's Embrace!

Join me as I embark on a wellness journey in the picturesque CALABARZON region, where nature's embrace and amazing activities await. On this blog, I'm eager to share my personal experiences in this vibrant region of the Philippines, which has everything from lush gardens to serene farms, delectable Asian cuisine to massage treatments. So let's get ready for a joyful and soul-stirring experience! If you're planning to go on a wellness retreat, here are 17 places in CALABARZON that I highly recommend that is guaranteed to give you a fun and soul-reviving adventure.


PERLAS NG SILANG:  A Plant Enthusiast's Haven & Asian Food Delight!

Embracing a delectable Asian Fusion breakfast amidst the blooming wonders here sets the tone for a soul-nourishing wellness journey. Each bite of the gastronomic wonders at Perlas ng Silang fueled my wanderlust, leaving me hankering for more. Savoring the delightful flavors served here is the perfect way to start my day with a grateful heart. After indulging in a healthy breakfast, it was time to explore the area's verdant greens and vibrant blooms. This hidden gem is an Instagrammer's dream come true and a plant lover's sanctuary.

Perlas ng Silang

5 Pulong Bunga Rd., Silang, Cavite


PAMAHAW BY DAHON: A Lunch Haven in Silang, Cavite

We indulged in Filipino favorites at Pamahaw by Dahon when hunger struck. The tortang talong, ensaladang mangga, sinigang na hipon  and lumpiang shanghai were mouth watering leaving us more energized for more adventures to come. Don't forget to order ube cheese pan de sal. It's a piece of heaven! Finish off with a fresh fruit smoothie.

Pamahaw by Dahon

62 Sta. Rosa- Tagaytay Rd., Silang, Cavite


ALING TALENG'S HALO-HALO: A Refreshing Delight in Pagsanjan, Laguna

Aling Taleng's is a culinary gem founded in 1933. We savored their delectable kare-kare, sinampalukang manok, chopseuy and their signature halo-halo. My taste senses were taken on a delightful adventure by this refreshing concoction of shaved ice, sweet fruits, and mouthwatering toppings. 

Aling Taleng's Halo-halo
169 Gen. Luna St., Pagsanjan, Laguna

KAULAYAW COFFEE: A Scenic Lunch in Antipolo

Kaulayaw Coffee greeted me with open arms as I arrived at its charming location in Antipolo. The delicious meal was served while overlooking rolling hills, making it the ideal location to enjoy both delicious food and the splendor of nature. Indulge in a delectable spread of sourdough with truffle honey, pork meatballs with mushroom and salad, fried sumaka (suman, mangga and kasuy) and a soothing Spanish latte coffee.

Kaulayaw Coffee
23 Sumulong Hi-Way, Sta. Cruz, Antipolo

BUDDY'S Sariaya Quezon: A Flavorful Journey

A taste of Quezon's tradition awaits at Buddy's Restaurant in Sariaya, Quezon. Don't miss their mouthwatering Pancit Habhab, flavorful Lucban longganisa and their delightful Hardinera. Fun Fact: Hardinera is an ultimate favorite, I can finish a large serving! Every bite served as a monument to the province's illustrious culinary history.

Buddy's Sairaya
Maharlika Hi-way, Sariaya, Quezon

CAFE RIZAL: A Gastronomic Delight inside Pinto Art Museum

The delicious cuisine of Café Rizal enticed me to sate my appetite. A perfect blend of art and cuisine, the flavors here dance like colors on canvas. The pizza and pasta are never to be missed. Their pork and shrimp dishes made me drool! Café Rizal offers a large menu that includes approximately 100 dishes, ranging from appetizers to dessert. Everything here is food of the gods!

Café Rizal
Pinto Art Museum, 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Hts. Subd., San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal

QUEENS STRAWBERRY FARM: A Sweet Strawberry Paradise in Alfonso, Cavite

Nestled amid the scenic charm of Alfonso, Cavite, Queens Strawberry Farm is a treasure trove of fruity delights and rural charm. 

As we devoured their delicious offerings, our tastebuds sprang for excitement. The Strawberry Buko Pie, a mix of regional tastes, melted in our tongues and left a lasting symphony of flavor. And the Strawberry Milkshake? A cool drink that perfectly encapsulated the flavor of freshly picked berries. The farm's picturesque charm and the delectable treats were a match made in heaven!

Queens Strawberry Farm
Hawilian 2, Brgy. Upli, Alfonso, Cavite


SONYA'S GARDEN: A Massage and Dining Oasis in Alfonso, Cavite

At Sonya's Garden, serenity and rejuvenation are magically combined. With their skilled massage treatments, unwind to a symphony. Let nature's song calm your senses as skillful hands relieve your stress. Every touch is a step toward wellbeing, whether it be a traditional hilot massage or a unique floral-infused therapies. Give in to Sonya's Garden's embrace, where professionally designed massages meld well with the surrounding natural splendor. Find a sanctuary where tranquility and revitalization intertwine, leaving you feeling restored and energized.

After nourishing your soul, luxuriate in a healthy meal that's as delightful to the tastebuds as it is the eyes. Sonya's Garden always knows how to make wellness taste incredible!

Sonya's Garden
Brgy. Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite

NURTURE WELLNESS VILLAGE: A Tagaytay Retreat for the Soul

photo| Uno Adventures

The Blissful Hilot Massage at Nurture Wellness Village is a must-try if you're looking for the pinnacle of rejuvenation and relaxation. This traditional therapy, which has its roots in Filipino healing practices, combines expert touch with native methods in a seamless way.

Allow the skilled therapists to relieve your stress and tension using warm banana leaves and virgin coconut oil. Feel your muscles being worked through by the rhythmic kneading and relaxing strokes, which will balance your body and give you more energy.  At Nurture, I found not just a retreat, but a treasure trove of rejuvenation, a place where my well-being is cradled in nature's arms.

Nurture Wellness Village
Pulong Sagingan, Brgy. Maitim II, West Luzon, Tagaytay, Cavite

LULJETTA'S ANTIPOLO: A Haven of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

photo| Uno Adventures

The "Luljetta's Signature Massage" at Luljetta's Hanging Gardens Spa is a real gem for an unparalleled wellness journey. This therapy invites you to surrender to the embrace of nature by fusing modern therapy with traditional Filipino healing practices.

Tension melts away as skilled hands use warm herbal compresses and scented oils to soothe your senses into a state of deep relaxation. 

Luljetta's Place
Sitio Loreland, Brgy, San Roque, Antipolo

ADA'S GARDEN SPA: A Rejuvenating Oasis

Tucked in the tranquil heart of Sariaya, Quezon, Ada's Garden Spa is never to be missed if you're looking for the perfect rejuvenation. Among their myriad offerings, the Whole Body Massage shines as a masterpiece, a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Therapeutic Massage with complimentary use of sauna. 

The journey does not, however, finish here. Experience their ground-breaking "Red Soil Sauna" for a unique detox. This unique sauna practice cleanses your body and revitalizes your energies by using the power of natural red soil. Toxins are slowly pulled away as you unwind in the earthy warmth, leaving you restored and relaxed.

Ada's Garden Spa is more than just a place to go; it's a sanctuary where body, mind, and nature can all coexist, set against a backdrop of lush gardens and dedicated to holistic healing.

Ada's Garden Spa
Brgy. Gibanga, Sariaya, Quezon


ILOG MARIA HONEYBEE FARM: Nature's Sweet Embrace in Silang, Cavite

A paradise where the golden nectar of nature flows can be found right in the middle of Silang, Cavite. Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm calls with its delicious treats and ecological harmony, a haven for bee lovers and nature lovers alike.

The pulsating hum of bees welcomes you as you enter this magical world; it is a symphony of industry and cooperation. Discover their selection of wonderful beeswax goods, including candles and skincare, all of which are imbued with hive essence. 

More than just a tour, a trip to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm is an invitation to rediscover nature's wonders and savor the sweetness of life's little joys.

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm
#7 KM 47, Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Silang, Cavite

LUMBAN LAGUNA EMBROIDERY: Crafted with Love at Casedo's Embroidery Shop and Berches Barong Avenue

photos| Uno Adventures

Lumban, Laguna is well known for its fine embroidered work. I saw the careful craftsmanship that goes into each piece of fabric at Casedo's Embroidery Shop and Berches Barong Avenue. The delicate stitches on everything from traditional barongs to contemporary fashion designs spoke loudly about Filipino craftsmanship and love for heritage.

EA Casedo's Embroidery
Brgy. Maytalang 1, Vanessa Homes Ph 2 Nat'l Hi-way, Lumban, Laguna

Berches Barong Avenue
Nat'l Rd., Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna

MUSEO AC-AC: An Artistic Haven in Paete, Laguna

Museo Ac-Ac is a testament to the town's artistic heritage. As soon as we entered this small gallery, a world of masterful sculptures and artistic marvels came into view.

A revered master sculptor, Luisito Ac-Ac has created works out of wood that stoke the imagination and evoked emotions. Every sculpture conveys a message about culture, religion, and the elegance of human expression. A legacy passed down through the years, Paete's artistic soul reverberates on the gallery walls. The exquisite designs and the meticulous attention to detail spoke of great devotion to the craft. 

Museo Ac-Ac is more than just a museum; it's a voyage through Paete's creativity and a tribute to the artistic excellence that characterizes this community. This modest gallery allows you to immerse yourself in the wonder of sculpted fantasies and limitless imagination, whether you're an art enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration.

Museo Ac-ac
Across Paete Landmark (Hi-way side)

PINTO ART MUSEUM: A Creative Escape in Antipolo

The Pinto Art Museum beckons as a haven for both art enthusiasts and soul seekers. I found myself engulfed in a tapestry of artistic expression as I meandered around its sun-dappled courtyards and secret alcoves. The museum's collection expertly incorporated traditional and modern artifacts, encouraging us to discover the splendor of the Philippines' rich cultural diversity.

Pinto Art Museum stimulated our senses and sparked conversations with its vivid paintings and thought-provoking exhibits. Like a creative treasure hunt, every turn brought surprises. The surrounding gardens provided some peace and quiet and a spot to stop and think amid the creative flurry.

Pinto Art is more than just a museum; it is a celebration of human imagination and a tribute to the ability of art to uplift, confound, and unify. It serves as a reminder that creativity thrives in the midst of chaos and that beauty can be found in the most unlikely locations. The Pinto Art Museum invites you to embrace the power of visual narrative and open the doors to perception, whether you're an art enthusiast or an inquisitive traveler.

Pinto Art Museum
Sierra Madre St., Grand Hts. Subd., San Roque, Antipolo, Rizal


TWIN LAKES HOTEL TAGAYTAY: Retreat to Tranquility

photo| Uno Adventures

Twin Lakes Hotel is perched atop Tagaytay's ridge. Upon entering, I knew I'm in for a treat. Luxury and nature's allure seamlessly merged. Our spacious rooms revealed amazing panorama, and elegant design reflected the natural beauty of the surroundings. My stay was a mellow blend of comfort and elegance, cocooned in the calming embrace of nature.

Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hi-way, Laurel, Batangas

SEDA HOTELS NUVALI: Serene Sanctuary

The Seda Hotels, which is tucked away in Nuvali's verdant surroundings, welcomed me with the ideal fusion of modern comfort with the beauty of nature. The well-appointed rooms offered a tranquil refuge where tranquility and modernity harmonized. It was a tranquil solace, looking out my window.  Every detail spoke of comfort, making my stay an oasis of rejuvenation and connection with nature's beauty.

Seda Hotels Nuvali
Lakeside Evozone, NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

LULJETTA'S PLACE: Enchanting Escape at Antipolo

Found in Antipolo, Rizal, Luljetta's Place offers an exquisite overnight hideaway. I entered a tranquil zone as dusk painted the sky. The warm surroundings lulled me to sleep, and the cozy accommodation wrapped me in comfort. The spa treatments that evening helped me feel refreshed by dancing away my stress. 

A magnificent sunrise and a symphony of colors heralded the arrival of morning. Luljetta's is more than just a place to spend the night; it's an alluring embrace of nature's charm and a tranquil respite in the middle of Antipolo.

Luljetta's Place
Sitio Loreland, Brgy, San Roque, Antipolo

CALABARZON, with its picturesque landscapes and delightful experiences, has offered me an ultimate wellness journey. From plant havens to Asian food delights, massages to rejuvenate the soul, and enchanting art to awaken creativity, this region is a treasure trove of soul-reviving adventures. Each destination touched my heart and left me yearning for more.

So, fellow wanderers, pack your bags, embrace the wonders of CALABARZON, and immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness journey. Let the beauty of nature and the joy of exploration heal your soul, and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Special Thanks:
  • Madam Maria Margarita Montemayor- COO, Tourism Promotions Board
  • Sir Albert Gadia, TPB Market Specialist


  1. Thanks po sa list na ito. May idea na kami if saan maganda pumunta at saan may masasarap na pagkain sa CALABARZON.

  2. Ang daming magagandang puntahan diyan sa calabarzon pala na sigurado ay mag eenjoy at mabubusug pa ❤️❤️



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