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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Why The LENOVO Thinkbook Gen 2 Should Be Your Next Laptop

I’m using a Lenovo Ideapad for almost 5 years now. While this is still efficient, I needed an upgrade since I’m juggling my professional work as a Lead Recruitment Specialist and creating contents for my lifestyle and travel blogs and videos.  The spread of Corona virus had us working, and students continuing online classes, at home. It is important to get the best device that will cater to our needs.

I must admit I’m not really a techie guy. Back then, I thought any laptop is OK as long as it fits my budget. But then, I ended up having a slow performing one. There are so many options in the market and getting a new laptop that will perfectly meet your needs is like rummaging through the minefield.

From what I’ve gathered, here are some points that you must consider when getting a laptop:

·         Choose a high performing CPU.

·         Pick the right size for you.

·         Opt for a great display and screen quality.

·         More RAM is always better.

·         Reliable Battery Life.

·         Extensive Connectivity.


For creative professionals like me, the Lenovo Thinkbook Gen 2 is the best one can consider in the market. It is equipped with 10th Gen Intel Core i5 and runs on Window 10 specifically built for high-performance applications. These processors deliver desktop-caliber performance. With my current Ideapad, rendering videos can take hours. With this Thinkbook, exporting 4K videos is 70% faster which enables creators to get videos out of the door quicker. Now, I’m more excited to create and edit more video contents!

Pro Tip: An i5 processor has a high-speed performing rate making its system able to perform at its maximum. Its turbo technology increases up the working speed. And of course, Windows 10 is the most flexible operating system. It’s great for everyone- students, professionals, business-users and even gamers.

For portability, I personally prefer a laptop around 14-16 inches. I wanted a larger screen for photo and video editing. Some laptops can be heavy to carry, but I liked that this Lenovo Thinkbook Gen 2 is so compact and almost lightweight. Also, I’m not really heavy on games so this is the perfect size for me.

 If there’s anything to laud about this laptop- it’s the gorgeous display! The colors and details are vivid and crisp. It has a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 giving exceptional detail required for content creators. It has up to 600 nits of brightness that even outdoors, one can see clearly. Plus 100 pogi points because this also has VESA Certified Display HDR 400! This feature brings out richer blacks and superior shadows, giving it more depth and improving active contrast ratio for a more impressive image quality. 

Most of the time, I bring my laptop with me on my trips- I don’t want to miss any deliverables in my work. So whether I’m under the bright sun with the beach as my view or outside the inn up a mountain, I’d be able to see the graphics and visuals at its optimum. Can’t wait for this pandemic to be over and embark on a road trip with this device!

If you want a speedy performance for a laptop, you should go for a higher RAM. A 4GB RAM can be OK for not-so-heavy tasks like checking and composing emails and drafting and posting blogs. But nowadays, consider getting at least 8GB memory. Hey, this Thinkbook has up to 32GB memory!

The battery life of this device is up to 6 hours- I’m working from home so that would do for now. I mean, I can always plug it when it ran out of juice.

For those who’ll need to connect more peripherals like monitors, projector or external storage drive, here’s an array of ports: USB Type C, HDMI 2.0, two USB 3.1 Gen 1, Audio Combo and RJ45. It has also a card reader and a Kengsington Lock Slot.

I also find this laptop very sleek and stylish. Its strong aluminum body and Mineral gray color give it a modern, professional look.

I am yet to navigate what else I can do with this laptop, but so far I’m happy with its performance. The Lenovo Thinkbook Gen 2 is any professional and content creators’ reliable and trusted buddy.   

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