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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Room and Butler Launches Website and YouTube Channel


Room and Butler Lifestyle Medicine and IV Therapy Skin Clinic has recently soft launched its lifestyle site- and YouTube channel Room and Butler Lifestyle.

Room and Butler’s Lifestyle platform aims to provide the easiest way to consult online by providing articles about skin and body health, and also sit-down videos with Room and Butler’s Skin Professional Health Experts, where they discuss in depth learning about Functional and Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle choices and its effects in our body, recommended treatments for different lifestyle, and so much more! One of the clinic’s resident HEALTH EXPERT, Dr. Laurence Tan, has so far deep dived into the conversation about the famous IV Nutrition Therapy treatments and also about 2 of its most popular IV Cocktail Drips- which are Glutathione and Myers’ Cocktail. All these are already on the lifestyle site, and more will be uploaded soon, giving clients and viewers access to skin and body health consultation, trivia, and knowledge, as easy and understandable, as possible.

Quick dive into why skin health is important.

Skin ultimately alerts us when our bodies are experiencing some health problem. For example, when your skin shows a red, itchy rash, it might signal allergies or infections. While a red “butterfly” rash on your face might be a sign of lupus. Apart from acting as a signal provider,  the skin’s microbiome—the bacteria and other microscopic organisms that live on your skin can also actually be helpful in boosting the body’s infection-fighting immune system and therefore, helps keep you healthy. This is why skin health is important, not only in achieving a healthy glowing skin from the outside, but also -and more importantly- in achieving overall health and wellness of the body from the inside.

Room & Butler is a professional skin clinic, designed for the modern man, where our experts are serious about taking care of your skin. Visit ROOM AND BUTLER LIFESTYLE SITE, the extension of our clinic, where we just as seriously, envisions a platform where our skin experts can share with Modern Gents and Ladies, how best to achieve good skin and body health by being able to understand the body, the cause and effect of the lifestyle they are living, and the treatments recommended for them.

Check out as Room and Butler slowly but proudly launches this health platform to all current and future clients, or even those who simply want to have the necessary awareness when it comes to health and wellness. Show some love on YouTube too, subscribe to Room and Butler lifestyle for easy video viewing. 


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