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Thursday, February 4, 2021

How Travel Blogging Can Survive Amidst This Pandemic


Travel blogging is the process of sharing your travel stories and tips on several platforms such as blogs, vlogs and social media. Travel blog is a platform where travel bloggers share authentic travel information and real traveler stories with their audience and followers. A lot of successful travel bloggers are offered opportunities to collaborate with travel brands and they get free trips and staycations in exchange for writing about them on the blog or creating videos, photos etc. Some brands, apart from the freebies, also pay the bloggers in cash in exchange for creating contents. Travel blogging indeed, is a very promising career but because of the pandemic, travel bloggers find themselves in a worrisome position and an uncertain future.

The global travel industry is one of the sectors continuously being hit hard by the pandemic. Even as the restrictions gradually ease and flights resume, the fear of the virus itself and the different Covid-19 protocols per destination or country, make the overall travel experience arduous and unwelcoming. Leisure trips during these unprecedented situations really is a luxury.
Pre-pandemic, my content was in demand when people were going on holidays as they wanted to know more about different countries, places, hotels, food and even visa processes. Right now when there’s limited travelling and everything is at a standstill, there’s also lesser traffic on blogs and social media platforms, lesser opportunities of growth and fewer paid campaigns.
The impact of these unprecedented circumstances on content creators is greater than we think. Bloggers and influencers who work full time depend on brand affiliations and paid advertisements, but with brands cutting budgets in marketing and advertising campaigns, earning prospects are greatly reduced for content creators.


Travel bloggers who are part of the digital influencing phenomenon, are bearing the brunt of the pandemic too. Content creators relying on travel, like me; were among the first few people to get hit by the pandemic. Since leisure travel is on a halt in most parts of the world, not many people are visiting travel blogs, resulting in loss of traffic, readership and earning opportunities.


Being a travel blogger, I also have to bare the losses of the trips I had planned for 2020. Although travel blogging is not my main source of income, I feel so sorry for those who did not have a diversified income or enough savings who ended up looking for other options to earn.


However, some creators bounced back and started earning by offering online classes in blogging, social media marketing, photography, videography, or anything else people might find helpful. Amidst this pandemic, travel bloggers can become more creative and effective with their content and help people not just coping up with this difficult period but also assist local businesses. Travel is likely to get more stressful as this pandemic is not going away that easily, but we must stay hopeful as things will still get back to normal.


In the meantime, travel bloggers may travel to nearby locations and promote local tourism. In this time of uncertainty, tourism should aspire to help locals. Amidst this extraordinary phenomenon, greater responsibility lies on influencers as they can create more awareness and advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. They have a role to play by letting people know about environment-friendly tourism to conserve resources and save nature.


Cheaper travel costs and no visa requirements can push travelers to domestic markets thereby supporting the local economy in dealing with the pandemic’s repercussions. Instead of waiting for the vaccine or the virus to disappear completely, bloggers may inspire travel enthusiasts to visit local tourist spots if they want to head out amid the pandemic. Nothing is worth risking your life, but if things get better within your own region, start travelling locally. Support local tourism to help the economy while carrying on with your adventures.



  1. Yay thank you po sa pag explain kung ano talaga ibig sabihin ng travel blogger ganda din ng work nila kasi nakaka punta sa ibat ibang place🤩

    1. Aside from that, Im happy to promote din the beauty of our country :)

    2. thank you po sa virtual tour mga place na hindi namin kayang puntahan pero dahil sa blog niyo parang na experience na din namin😊

  2. Yay ! Ganun po pala tlga kapag blogger ka . Ma sheshare at mkkwento natin ung mga lugar kung san tayu ngppnta at my mga konting tips din . Tapos napapasaya pa po natin ang audience or follower . Thank you for sharing po ❤️��

  3. Worth to Read. From Start to End, ang Sarap basahin at talagang makakakuha ka ng aral, sobrang nakakaInspire tlaga being a Blogger.. really love your Content Kuya Allan, Always here to Support You..

    MY IG: @_edgardoroxas1992_

  4. hehehhe. kainspire naman po❤ although di ako ganon kagaling magreply o magtype ng english, tagalugin ko nalang hehehe. Pangarap ko din po maging blogger talaga kaso lang mukhang ayaw sakin ahhaha. mahirap po talaga ang pagbblog, halos lahat talaga kailangan paghirapan. thanks for sharing ur experiences po. Support lang po ako😍😍😍
    ig: @iam_miang

    1. Follow your passion po. You dont have to be well-versed in English to start a blog. Just share kung ano ang nasa puso mo. :)

  5. It is saddening po talaga that most of us are affected by the pandemic, including travel bloggers. I love your perspective of finding ways to cope up with this unprecedented circumstances. I agree that they should be more creative and effective with their content. Assisting local businesse and promoting local tourism are great ideas to survive the pandemic.


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