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Saturday, January 30, 2021

4 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is A Must

Being a wanderlust, two things for me are inseparable- food and travel. I always brag how blessed our country is for having so many amazing scenic spots, great culture and wonderful people. Along with a flourishing tourism industry, is a prospering culinary tourism. Whenever I travel, I make sure I immerse myself in experiencing cuisines offered at the area.

I think we have a very great potential culinary destination because each region in our country has their own traditional menus to offer and brag. I particularly like doing food crawls in Pampanga because the Kapampangans, without a doubt, are one of the best cooks in the world! I also enjoy feasting on the food in Palawan- they have a wide selection of food hubs there. My father's roots are from Bicol and that's where I got my love for dishes cooked in 'gata'. Ilocanos also provided me a food experience I can't forget. I'm not a big fan of lechon, but once in a while I like to munch on its crispy skin. Cebu has the tastiest lechons! Just the thought of these, makes me salivate already!

Food crawl in Pampanga

Whenever I travel, whether local or abroad, I make sure I have a travel insurance with me. Sometimes I do extreme things like a 60 ft tree drop or go island hopping and you'll really never know what can go wrong. On my first trip to Coron, our boat had an emergency at the middle of our island hopping. We got stranded in Pundaquit for a day and was not able to enjoy our supposed first day in Nagsasa, Zambales due to big waves. During my trip to Culion, Palawan, I fell somewhere and my knee went bleeding profusely for a time. I got scared I have to rush to their hospital. Yeah, I got a medical record there. My travel buddy had a stomach ache for eating something I forgot already during our trip to Boracay. He had to stay in bed and did not enjoy our itinerary for that day.  


Whether it is a general travel or a culinary immersion that you'll be doing, I'd suggest you get a travel insurance. It's in my travel check list especially when I go out with my parents and sibs. We all want a seamless vacation and a travel insurance gives me a peace of mind should a mishap occurs.

If you're not convinced about getting yourself a travel insurance, consider these:

Medical Coverage

My friend suddenly had rashes and turned red after eating 'bagoong' fried rice. He was allergic to shrimp paste and mistook the bagoong fried rice to a corned beef rice. Well at a glance, it looks the same. He doesn't look OK and had to be rushed to the hospital. Good thing our travel insurance covered this medical emergency.

Personal Accident

Things can happen while you're on a trip- trauma, fractured bones or even heart attack. There may be unforeseen events and having a travel insurance can provide for medical coverage, accidental death, disablement as well as accidental death benefit. 

Trip Cancellation or Delay

Some of us might have experienced this already- the trip got cancelled or it got delayed. While this can be big of a hassle and might ruin your day, a travel insurance with travel delay benefits can reimburse for additional accommodation or meals expenses.

Other insurance has Emergency Trip Termination feature that shall reimburse the unused portion of travel and the non-refundable accommodation expenses that have been paid in advance.

It's More Than a Medical or Accident coverage.

Loss of travel documents , baggage or cash, damage to laptop, or flight delay due to severe weather or mechanical trouble- a travel insurance can provide benefits for these.

Going somewhere? Better get covered. (Photo taken from my San Vicente, Palawan trip)

A travel insurance gives one a security when faced with a travel crisis. Others think of it as an extra expense- I think of it as something essential- like not forgetting to bring your toothbrush on a trip. You may shell an additional bucks from your wallet for the travel insurance, but think about how it can cost you more should an unforeseen event happens.


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  1. Wow worth it basahin ang blog mo ganda ng topic big help to sa katulad ko wala wala kung gaano kahala ang travel insurance.Thank you for sharing.


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