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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

#PampangaFoodCrawl: Five Food Places You Must Visit

I was recently invited to host an event at Marriott Hotel Clark. As it was a Saturday, I thought of maximizing the weekend by going on a food crawl in Pampanga. We all know that the 'Kapampangans' are one of the best cook and their province is known as the "Culinary Capital of the Philippines". Pampanga is just 2 hours drive from Manila.

Several years ago, I had the chance to meet Chef Claude Tayag and ate at his famous Bale Dutung restaurant. The food tasted divine and our 'kwentuhan' about the Kapampangan Culinary Heritage was as tasteful as his dishes. Hearing his stories that shaped the Kapampangan cuisine, I know I should try and discover more dishes here.

 Planning to do a food crawl here in Pampanga? Here are the five food places you should not miss.


Yami Bulgogi is a Korean restaurant located inside SM Clark. If you're craving for samgyeopsal, then this is the place to go.

In Korea, the word samgyeop-sal, meaning "pork belly", often refers to samgyeop-sal-gui (grilled pork belly), in the same way that the word galbi, meaning "ribs", often refers to galbi-gui (grilled beef ribs). Gui refers to roasted, baked, or grilled dishes.

Well, who doesn't like Korean BBQ? In Manila alone, Korean restos have sprouted like mushrooms and Pampanga is no different. There's even one long road here that is lined with Korean joints.


We are a group of three and decided to have the Yami Grill Set (P1599). Included in the set are: Samgyupsal, LA Galbi, Woosamgyupsal, Sausages, Unlimited Side Dishes, 4 cups of rice and 1 pitcher of iced tea. We added Galbi Jim (P450) or Braised Beef Short Ribs and Suyuk (P850). Suyuk is a watered down beef mixed with cabbage, carrots, zucchini and onions. Don't forget to add Doenjang Jjigae. It's one of the best soup we've tasted.

The Yami Grill Set is perfect for groups because it is a complete meal already. If it's your first time to try samgyupsal, then you need not worry anymore about what to get because everything's here. You can grill the meat on your own or you can let the staff do it for you. I want my grilled meat wrapped in lettuce and combined with some of the side dishes but should you want it heavier in the tummy, the set comes with rice.

The Suyuk and the Doenjang Jjigae were a great complement to the meal too. I liked the latter more because I find it more flavorful.


Yami Bulgogi has a huge space that can cater for small and big groups. They also have a space with low seats and an area where kids can play. So while you're savoring your meal, you can let your kids have fun in that area.


Yami Bulgogi Korean BBQ Restaurant
Ground Floor, SM Clark
0908 874 2869


Susie's Cuisine started as a small carinderia in 1972. They served 'kakanin' or native desserts and snacks and has soon become a household name. To date, they already have 26 branches.

We dropped by their Angeles City branch (I guess this was the original shop) and satisfied our cravings. Three tables seemed not enough for the bounty of food that we had!


Susie's is known for their 'kakanins' so ordering a bilao is a must. Tibok-tibok is their house specialty. It's something like maja blanca- only this one's 10,000 x more flavorful! I'm not kidding- this Kapampangan delicacy made from carabao's milk, rice flour and topped with latik is the bomb! Sobrang sarap!

Well, it's not all 'kakanin' in Susie's. They also serve rice meals and a variety of 'Silogs'. We tasted their pancit palabok (P70/small), pancit guisado (P70/small), baked macaroni( P70/small) and chicken mushroom pasta (P70/small). If you're a big group, a small bilao of pancit costs around P530 and a big bilao is around P650. A small bilao of pasta is around P360 and up and the big bilao is at P700- P1000 depending on the variety. We also had their Birenghe or the Kapampangan's version of Paella.

I liked the palabok and the chicken mushroom pasta. It must be the Kapampangan's kitchen mastery that they are able to have a common dish done uncommonly well. It was so delish I almost ate the whole plate of the pasta! Not really a fan of paella so I just had a a spoonful of Birenghe.

After the staple meals, it was time for desserts! Susie's is like a paradise of desserts! Whether it's ube, sapin sapin, bico, leche flan, cassava or rice cake-- it will have you salivating! If you can't decide what to choose, put everything in a bilao!

Finish your meal with a good slice of carrot and red velvet cake and halo-halo. Believe me it's not your typical halo-halo- it's an experience!

Looking for a pasalubong to bring? You can find many here, too.


Susie's Cuisine vibe is nothing fancy but is sure to remind you of the comfort of being home. It's usually jam packed because of the good food quality that has been retained since 1972 and its affordability.


Susie's Cuisine
36 Hilda St., Nepo Mart, Angeles City, Pampanga
7AM-8PM Daily


Parmisanos Bistro offers Italian-inspired dishes with a Kapampangan flare. They may be new (like some 2 years only) but they're already starting to get good traffic. I'm not surprised- their offerings are both enticing and exquisite.


We started our meal with a sizable Sisig Pizza (P385). Sisig is a staple Kapampangan dish. Make it a pizza topping and who would resist? The rich flavor of sisig complemented the thin crust. I even had a cheese pull when I had lifted it from the pie. It's a melted goodness. It is topped with chicharon pititian and gives you that added crunch.

The Shrimp Bisque Fusili (P305) and the Calabasa Carbonara (P270) were lovely to look at and even better when eaten. As soon as it landed on the table, I knew we were in for a treat! I'm a big pasta fan and these two were something new for my tongue. And yes, both delivered! Both pasta were the perfect cradle for the sauce. Who would have thought you can use pumpkin for carbonara? It was divine! The Shrimp Bisque Fusili is a perfect triumvirate of flavors. It was so heavenly I'd lost superlatives to describe it.

We also tried Lengua and Beef Salpicao. I'm not really a big fan of ox tongue but I had spoonfuls of it and was surprised to have likened it. It comes with rice so it's perfect for those who want something heavy. Finish off with a mouth-watering Choco-lava cake (P195). It's a food of the gods!

Every dish is proportioned for sharing so it's perfect whether you're with a date or with the company of family or friends.


I like the whole vibe of the place. The wooden tables give it a cozy feel. There are seats for couples and longer tables for groups. I kind of get a really good ambiance without being too formal.


Parmisanos Bistro
KM 78 San Agustin, CSFP (Across Vista Mall)
Landline: 042 4027639
Tuesday-Sunday 12NN - 9PM


I'm blood type MILK TEA and so a visit to a milk tea shop should definitely be included in this food crawl. Whether you're addicted to milk tea or just wanting to try the hype, CHEW and BREW is a must try.

We were lucky to have met the owner and she gladly shared her passion for tea. They even brew their own concoction.


They offer a variety of milk tea and we had Wintermelon Oreo, Matcha and Cream Cheese, Dulce de Leche and NYC Graham. What I love? Everything! Hahaha. I love the Matcha and Cream Cheese the best. TBH, I've tried a lot milk tea brands here and even immersed in authentic Taiwan Milk Tea in Taipei but CHEW and BREW was different. True to its name, it felt like chewing something (not the sinkers) while you sip. It's like having a dessert inside your mouth while you swirl the drink. My friends who have tried Chew and Brew were not lying when they shared that this is one of the best milk tea in Pampanga. A large glass costs P120.

The sad part, it's not available in Manila for now. But who knows? They're now open for franchise and hopefully we'll have one here soon.


It's a small space in their San Fernando store. But yeah, it can accommodate maybe 10-15 people at once. Most boba friends buy milk tea to go so the space is ample for those who'd like to chit-chat with friends while chewing their brew.


Chew and Brew
Glicey Building,McArthur Hi-Way, Dolores, San Fernando, Pampanga
Monday-Saturday 11AM-11PM; Sunday 12NN-8PM


Treat yourself to authentic Kapampangan Cuisine at Matam-ih. It is a stone's throw away from the Clark Museum.

Matam-ih is an Aeta word which means delicious. And true to its name, I had the best Kapampangan dining experience here!


What I love? Everything! The kare-kare and sisig are to die for. The okoy tastes more special when dipped in the vinegar. Go exotic and try the kamaru (rice field cricket), crocodile and fried frog for a dining experience you will not forget. Dare your friends to an eating challenge! I tried all three. :)

I have eaten kamaru before and I was hoping it's crispy on the outside. Theirs is a little fluffy inside out maybe because of the manner of how it was cooked. It's cooked like adobong kangkong hence its more tender texture. 

The food in Matam-ih is any Pinoys favorite. You won't go home hungry nor disappointed.


Matam-ih Restaurant has a very spacious area. I've been here twice and the place is always full of people. There are Aeta performers- enjoy your food while watching a mini-concert. 


Matam-ih Restaurant
Lot 1-D Manuel A Roxas highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
Tel. No. 09399882382


There are many things that you can do in Pampanga aside from feasting on its dishes. Go on a side trip and go horse-back riding at El Kabayo. Relive the glory days of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood in Tinsel Town, the mock up recreations of the old-west are sure to give you that cowboy feel. 

Treat yourself to an adventure and tour the area in a 30-minute or 1 hour horse-back ride. They also offer riding lessons and team building.

El Kabayo is located at Gil Puyat Avenue, Corner Panday Pita Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. It's just 4kms from the Mabalacat Gate entrance of Clark Freeport Zone.

If you wish to explore more in Pampanga, click HERE for my Pampanga Travel Guide


During this weekend trip, we stayed at Eurotel Clark. A short walk from SM Clark and one will be able to find this hotel. The lobby is adorned with European influences and it is the area where breakfast is served.

Positioned very well in Angeles, one can take a stroll outside whenever you want and enjoy the many establishments that abound the area. Also some stone throw away are the jeepney stations bound in different areas in Pampanga.

We got a spacious suite room. It has everything a visitor needed- two decadent beds, well-working AC unit, cable LED TV, mini ref and complimentary water. The two beds have different linen colors- and I kind of feel little awkward about that but the mattresses were comfortable and the sheets are clean so yeah, I can deal away with those contrasting colors.

While this hotel doesn't have pool, our room got a bath tub so it was nice to have immersed our tired bodies on a warm bath after a days end. Our stay also comes with a free buffet breakfast so fueling our body for morning energy was not a problem. 

Eurotel Pampanga
#21 Don Juico Avenue, Barangay Malabanias Angeles

Pampanga is just 2 hours drive away from Manila. Aside from its rich heritage and culture, immerse yourself to a bounty of their offerings. Their food, bursting with intense flavor and alluring aromas, are bound to please the most demanding of  taste buds.

Thank you to my food buddies and travel blogger friends Armela of Around The Metro Ph and Jonathan of Jon To The World for joining me in a weekend of gastronomic feast!


Let's connect.

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