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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bag-Angan Farm and Resort | Your Rustic Oasis at Labo, Camarines Norte

Talk about Camarines Norte and one would probably have Calaguas Island in mind. And why not? It's an island paradise, boasting with crystal clear and turquoise- blue waters and sands that is as soft and fine as that of Boracay's. 

Camarines Norte, sure, is more than Calaguas Island. It is a 'Land of Gold, Land of Growth'. History says that for a period of four centuries, the province has been known as a gold-producing site. In fact, Spanish conquistador, Capt. Juan de Salcedo, traveled to Camarines Norte in 1571 in his quest of gold. The Spanish were astonished to know that a town called Paracale were awash with gold. Fast forward this day, Camarines Norte has become a land of growth with its government efficiency, excellent infrastructure and flourishing financial market. Truly, there are many things to discover in this quaint province of Bicol. (Read also: TRAVEL GUIDE TO CAMARINES NORTE)


I was lucky to have been invited again to revisit Camarines Norte. I could not say no when it was mentioned that part of our itinerary is to visit Bag-Angan Farm and Resort. I have only seen it in pictures before and am excited to finally be able to set foot and experience its offerings. (Read also: EXPLORE CAPALONGA CAMARINES NORTE)

We left Cubao around 9 in the evening. Usually, going to Daet (the province's capital) will take around 8 hours. Bag-angan Farm is situated at Labo, and we were at this town 15 minutes before 3AM. Yes, we came there too early! We have no choice but to wait at the road side. Luckily, we found a more fitting place to wait (our pick-up time is around 6am), in a nearby store which was, apparently, owned by the sister of the owner of the resort. Call it serendipity. :P

The morning was bright as the sunbeam, and finally we were ready to go. We knew we were headed to an adventure when a truck stopped to pick us up. Yes, an open truck! By the time we hit the road going to the area, we finally knew why we rode a truck. The road was bumpy and the rough edges of some rocks will surely make any cars retreat. It was hard to sit still on planks and we had to hold on mightily to wherever we can to keep our balance. The road was lined with trees and despite the struggle, we had a very scenic view. We all know that difficult roads lead to beautiful destination, right?

Blog squad! Photo by Jacque Colitoy| Hey It's Jacque

When we arrived at the place, I caught myself standing silently in awe. The place was splendid, and bewitching and comely and divine! I immediately roamed the area- eager-hearted as a boy. Every spot was gorgeous and even if I was too excited to take photos for my IG account, I have to contain myself. :P We had a breakfast first- they offered farm to table dishes. Their brewed coffee was super nice too.


Around 9am, we trekked to Bag-Angan Cave. Our guides told us it's some 30 minutes walk to the cave. Well, we got to the place after a little over an hour. :D It wasn't a walk in the park. We stepped on rocks of various sizes- a lot slippery due to moss. Our feet got wet passing to shallow streams- so walk in rubber sandals if you will go here.

Most of us almost considered not to go inside the cave anymore. Due to exhaustion maybe or because going inside can be more challenging. But yeah, we were there already and we wanted adventure, right?

I'm glad we did because it was magnificent inside. The stalactite and stalagmite formations were so alive. As we moved inside the depth the cave, the place went pitch dark. We had limited flash lights and some of us used our phones to cast light. That's when the bats came flying all around and we all felt them touching our bodies. It was both terrifying and fun- I have never seen a number of bats like that. Going inside once again tested every inch of our muscles but it was all worth it.


The rest of the day was spent dipping in the cool waters of the pool and enjoying a bounty of food. It was great to have eaten Bicol specialties like sinantol and dishes cooked in 'gata' with the rice field and pool of the resort at the background.

Staying at Bag-angan Farm is indeed a great way to disconnect to connect. City- weary travelers will find its relaxing ambiance a great place to be away from the loud crowd and hectic city life. Phone signals aren't that strong so one has plenty of time immersing themselves at the place- a perfect time for social media detox. There's limited electricity, too! Just like the good old days, one can cook food without the use of electric or gas stove.   

Go star-gazing at night. A cluster of stars hang like fruit in the tree; the silver moon, like a new-stamped coin, rode triumphant in the sky. Gas lamps adorned the pool side and a bottle of cold liquor was perfect for the cold night.

We stayed in a nipa hut- big enough to accommodate as many as 20 people. Beddings are available but make sure to bring an insect repellent to keep you away from mosquitoes.

We woke up the next day with the sun rays flashing with the brilliancy of a well-cut jewel. The birds chirping happily, the flowers as soft as thoughts of budding love- I wish I can stay longer. You breath fresh air and everywhere is just tranquil and serene. It almost felt like I have been transported somewhere and that life was like a lily in bloom.


Bag-Angan Farm and Resort
Purok 6, Brgy Guisican, Labo, Camarines Norte

By Land

Camarines Norte is nestled in growth corridors of Bicol and has proximity to CALABARZON area. Buses like Philtranco, Superlines and Amihan leave their terminals in Cubao and Pasay to Daet. Travelling time is around 6-8 hours.

We usually ride Superlines at Cubao. Ask the bus driver to drop you at Purok 5 Iglesia ni Cristo chapel in Guisican. Some steps and you will find the signage Bag-angan Farm and Resort. That's were the truck picks up the guests. 

Make sure you arrange for the truck pick up. Contact them in Facebook or shoot Sir Arnel a message at 09165346351.

By Air

The nearest airport to Daet is Naga. It's a 45 minute plane ride. In front of SM Naga are bus terminals- take a shuttle for a two hour ride to Daet. From Daet, ride a bus/ jeep going to Labo. Drop by Iglesia ni Cristo chapel in Guisican. 


Daily rate is at P100/ pax.
Overnight Rates| Check in: 8am-11am; Check out: 8am-11am the next day

P3,000- 4-6 pax
P4,000- 7-8 pax
P5,000- 9-11 pax
P6,000- 12- 15 pax
P8,000- 16- 20 pax

Food can also be arranged ( with additional charge) or you can bring your own or buy and cook it there.


  • The place offers back-to-basic experience. Those who wish to stay overnight will find no luxurious rooms. 
  • Expect the place to be quiet at night. The place is located in the middle of a rice field and there's no nearby bar to dance the night away.
  • Wear sun screen and bring an insect repellent.
  • There's no electricity. Bring power bank so your phone won't run of juice.
  • Weak mobile signal. Not even a decent 3G.
  • There are two man-made pools, cottages and a big area for making 'habulan' with your jowa. Hihihi


If you happen to be in the mood for an escapade, Bag-Angan Farm and Resort had you covered. This rustic and humble resort offers peace and quiet away from the buzzing city life.

Big Heaps of Thanks:

Sir Bong Palma, Camarines Norte Tourism Head
Sir Rod Rawat, Capalonga Tourism Officer
Myrna Gobrin and Jovanie Teodoro, Camarines Norte Tourism
Sir Arnel Bacer, owner, Bag-Angan Farm and Resort
Mike Zuniga, Katooga Ph


Let's connect.

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