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Friday, December 14, 2018

Make Your Hair A Stand Out with Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color

My hair is a natural black- like pitch black. I remember having it dyed the first time back when I was in college- and since it was a 'virgin' hair, my first hair dye wasn't successful. I tried coloring it again after a month- and I was ecstatic with my new look.

Since then, I would color my hair to give it a different look. Giving your hair a new color is like an expression of one's self. Whether you choose to go for a subtle brown or dye your hair a fiery red, it somehow tells something about your personality.

So I recently had my hair dyed again. I was walking inside a mall and saw this booth of Novelina. The Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color with Keratin only costs Php 299. They have an ongoing promo until the end of December at Cash & Carry Mall in Makati- free application if you purchase the hair color. Not bad, right? Going to the salon, a hair color may cost you thousand bucks. This is really a good catch for your money.

I have tried some Novelina products before and I can vouch that they are really good. (Check my Face Mask and Hair and Scalp Treatment article HERE.) The Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color is a Japanese formulation, has no sting formula and has no harsh odor. Those who have tried having their hair dyed may have experienced a feeling of 'mahapdi' at the scalp, but with this product, I felt none at all!

I chose the color Golden Brown. Other color varieties available are: Natural Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Chestnut Brown, Crimson Red and Burgundy. 

I also like that you can actually DIY the color application because the box includes a bottle applicator, coloring brush, gloves and conditioner. Now this is major!

Before and After

If you're still on a budget, you can try their other products: 
Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color- Php 165
Zeelke Powder Hair Color- Php 99
Zeelke Herbal Powder Hair Color Sachet- Php 119

December in the Philippines meant attending a lot of Christmas and Year- end parties and get-together with loved ones and friends. Make other people notice you with a new hair color. Believe me, it creates a huge difference- and a confidence booster. When I stepped into the office the next day, my boss and office mates already noticed my new hair. I love that the Novelina Zeelke Cream Hair Color gave my mane a subtle golden brown. 

I guess everyone should try having their hair colored at least once. Not only is it fun, you may even surprise yourself with a different look. A word of caution though: Make sure you use a trusted product name. 

Say goodbye to that old, sometimes boring, black hair. Go edgy, fierce or subtle with the Novelina Hair Care products.

Let's connect.

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