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Friday, September 14, 2018

Free Premium Wines and Spirits Sample at Select SM Supermarket's The Tasting Corner

Based on a recent study, young millennials, ages 24-31, prefer drinking at home because they believe "it is too much to go out." Well, I'm already past that age group (but yes, I still consider myself a millennial) and most of the time, I find comfort drinking at my crib. I don't always have the luxury of time to go to bars and yes, painting the town red while in a bar can sometimes be expensive too. At times, it is also nice to drink beer while listening to my fave playlist or sip some chilled wine while binge-watching.

I was recently invited to The Tasting Corner event at SM MOA Supermarket. Booze lovers, rejoice! For a limited time only, you can sample some of the most iconic premium wines and spirits in the world at the Tasting Corner in select SM Markets. Now, booze lovers like me will have the opportunity to try some samples and maybe get enticed to buy and bring one for a night cap at home.

This innovative new concept is the first of its kind, and a rare experiential opportunity for those who are curious about premium brands to sample these drinks in their “perfect serve”. 

So what's the perfect serve?

The perfect serve is the way in which wines and spirits manufacturers recommend that their drinks be served.  Most perfect serves are surprisingly not common knowledge, and quite often they are not how everybody drinks it. 

For instance, most Cognac aficionados would never think to mix Hennessy VS with ginger ale and a slice of lime, but that is exactly the way in which Hennessy recommends that Hennessy VS be enjoyed.

Everyone knows the proper lick, shoot, and suck routine for drinking room temperature Tequila, but Jose Cuervo actually recommends Tequila chilled to a precise temperature, and taken straight up.

Hardcore Scotch Whisky drinkers usually prefer their Scotch neat or on the rocks, Johnnie Walker actually recommends mixing Johnnie Walker black with ginger ale or cola.  And while wine connoisseurs everywhere will usually insist on room temperature serving for most if not all wine, Carlo Rossi and Los Cardos actually recommend that their wines be chilled.

The best thing is there is no need to try to imagine what that is like, these and other perfect serves are in store at the Tasting Corner, to sample for free.

The main objective of the Tasting Corner is to give our valued customers a new shopping experience at SM Markets’ Wine & Liquor Section.

We are giving them a unique opportunity to know top wine, liquor, and beer brands with the help of our Brand Ambassadors who will not just share their expertise but let them taste the liquor themselves; so they may compare and pick which brand suits them the most.- Mr. Antonio Villasenor,CEO of Blue Mountain, the exclusive distributor of wines and spirits in all SM Markets

Freebies and free samples at the Tasting Corner

The Tasting Corner is a Pop-up store that will appear in selected SM Supermarkets and Hypermarkets between August 16, and November 8. Enjoy free samples of brands such as Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Jose Cuervo, Fundador or Carlo Rossi, and Los Cardos. It's on a limited run, so hurry!

The Tasting Corner will also offer exclusive discounts/price offs, and lucky Tasting Corner customers can also walk away with premium branded giveaways such as overnight bags, flasks,glasses, pens, and many others.  Johnnie Walker fans will love the SM 60th anniversary commemorative bottles.

The complete schedule of the Tasting Corner is as follows: 

Let's connect.

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