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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Going Organic? Just Honestbee

I personally do our grocery shopping whether I'm home in Cavite or here in Makati. Most of the time, I'm torn between buying healthy and quality food which are expensive or getting the cheaper ones. I really want to pick up items that are organic as this is a healthier option but yeah, it also comes with a higher cost.


“Organic” is not just a fancy label that gets slapped on a product to make it more expensive. It is also not just a trend or another word for “natural”, which is a common misconception. The difference between organic and natural lies on how the food or ingredients was grown.

To put it simply, it is without the use of pesticides and preservatives.


Organic products may not be cheap but the cost is justifiable. Farmers do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers, hence it is labor intensive.

And due to the noticeable price differences between these and commercial products, people tend to sway towards the latter. Other than that, they are not easily accessible and some grocery stores don’t have these alternatives at all. 


If you’re one of those that are thinking of making the switch but don’t know where to look, I have recently discovered HONESTBEE.

DownToEarth Grocery is one of those local farms that provide organic food. They are doing away with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, which are not good for you. Through a food and grocery delivery app called Honestbee, it is easier to get these straight to your homes. From vegetables, to meat, and canned and packaged goods, you’re guaranteed to receive products that were sustainably grown. 


Products that are organic are a healthier option because they are free from harmful preservatives and artificial ingredients. Not only will you have a better diet, you will also be supporting a local farm and saving the environment from unnecessary chemicals. It may be too much too soon to restock everything at home but you can start to make the switch by slowly replacing your usual purchases with organic alternatives to make the transition easier. 

You can visit and download the app at:

For IOS:

For Android:

*Photos grabbed from Honestbee PH website


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