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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Booze Shop: Of Wine and Great Times

I've always believed that a great bonding should always be accompanied with booze.

In an article published in Tech Times: “Bonding over booze during guys' night out is a ritual that seems to have some scientific value, especially when men are in a bad mood. While a night out is all about boys, beer and more booze, researchers found that getting wasted together allows men to connect in a way that other beverages can't.” 

I totally agree. 

We don't drink just because we want to party. There's actually a long list why drinking alcohol is great.

1. Whisky!
2. Because you had a good day.
3. Because you had a bad day.
4. Because alcohol has been there for you during the tough times. (Cue 'sad song here'.)
5. It's a social lubricant for a reason. Drinking makes you friends.
6. Many doctors recommend a glass of red wine a night to lower the risk of heart disease.
7. What better way is there to bond with new roommates?
8. Because you're 21.
9. Because without wine, your cheese gets lonely.
10. Shot..shot..shot..shot..
11. Whisky and coke.
12. Because your ex posted engagement pictures on Facebook.
13. Did we mention whisky?

We can go on and on with the list, but one thing is certain, a booze more often times bring life to a party! :)

Ypu see, I woll be celbrayoing my birthday next monj--- no, I'm not tipsy as I write this post-- lol. In preparation for a small party I'm planning to throw to my friends, I decided to scout for a nice bottle-o and discovered a liquor haven- The Booze Shop. Wines, spirits, beer- name it, they have it! And all of them are imported brands. How cool is that?

It's a small shop located along Jupiter Street in Makati but I love how neatly the bottles in the shelves are arranged.

I imagine getting a bigger beer belly just by looking at their tempting selection- that's the only bad thing I can share about it. The good: 1. The Booze Shop has a great selection of drinks. 2. The staff are very friendly- they even recommended me labels that I can consider. 3. Lotsa single bottle beer. 4. There's Tanqueray! Oh I love Tanqueray! 

The Booze Shop is definitely my new go-to shop in finding a great selection of wines and liquors. I dont claim to be a wine expert, but I guess we can all agree that a nice drink always brings good times.

The very accommodating staff of The Booze Shop. 

Some of the bottles I got.

Whether you just want to have a sip, flushed, be away with the fairies, bladdered or arsehold-- The Booze Shop had you covered.

Bottoms up!

PS. Always drink in moderation. :)

The Booze Shop
Jupiter St., Barangay Bel-air, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: (632) 8957179 or (632) 8906046
Let's connect.

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