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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Experience Space Wars at Victoria Court

Victoria Court gives party a new definition in their recently launched themed room called Space Wars.

Yours truly had the privilege to experience a galactic distinction during the launch. We didn't just party like rock stars, we partied ala- Space Wars!

Chewie, we're home!

Space Wars is a sci-fi inspired, hi-tech party suite. Inside is a stunning spacecraft interior-- an infinity floor welcomes the guests and yes, every Star Wars fan will surely relive epic laser sword battles from the movie.

This spacious 100 sqm floor area houses a spaceship cockpit with light switches, pilot flight controllers and sound effects giving guests an experience of space battles and indulge with their space fantasies. Did I mention that weapons and costumes are readily available in the room? Yes, there are laser swords! How cool is that?

Tell that to Kanjiklub.

The suite comes with a private garage, operable satellite dish, detailed 3D printed accessories, automatic blast doors, interactive spaceship cockpit, infinity floor, windows with space view, bedroom with galaxy views, smoke effects, sci-fi sounds, a big whirlpool, karaoke, 2 LED TV's, mini ref and 4, yes, 4 air conditioners! Isn't this fantabulous?! 

Droid, please.

The room's great for party, no doubt about it. But a great party comes with great food. Worry not- a distinctive and delightful array of Space Wars inspired menu options will complete your Space Wars party experience. The renowned chefs of Victoria Court prepared Dark Side Burger, Imperial Pasta, Trooper Onigiri, Space Wars Wrap, Panatrooper and cocktails called Jar Jar Drinks. Not only are these instagram post worthy, they are sure a food coma! I love!

For a truly out of this world experience, you may book the room by contacting 0917- VCSERVE (0917 8273783 or email serve@victoriacourt.biz.

Thank you Victoria Court for making me 'Experience the Force!'

Let's connect.

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