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Monday, March 14, 2016

Gobbling Pampanga's Best Fried Chicken: Koko Buri

Im a fan of Korean fried chicken. Serve me that and you'll leave me fowl mouthed and surely begging for a chomp.

During our stay at Subic last month for the 20th Balloon Ph Fiesta, we crawled over Koko Buri to have a taste of their famous fried chicken..and more!


At a first glance, one would think that Koko Buri is a Korean restaurant or a Japanese one. It's actually not Korean nor Japanese- but more like a 'fusion' because they serve a variety of dishes. Dana, the restaurant manager of Koko Buri Pampanga,told us that Koko Buri derived its name from 'Koko' which is like the sound produced by chicken (koko-ro-kok :P) ; Buri is from the Japanese bowl donburi and also a Kapampangan term for 'like'. So, it's almost 'Like Chicken'.


Koko Buri Soy Garlic and Spicy Chicken

 Oriental Express

Dori dori

 Gamberi Pizza

 Pork Belly BBQ

Yaki Udon

Nagasaki Champon

 a variety of fruit shakes

Happy Fiesta! =)

The Dori dori is a great way to start one's Koko Buri feast. It's a juicy tender fish fillet covered with bread crumbs and served with tartar sauce. Obsess in Oriental Express- exotic flavor of Asian garden, topped with juicy chicken fillet.

For pizza monsters, the Gamberi pizza, is a must try! It is served with a mountain of mushrooms, onions, shrimp and mozarella cheese. It's one of my favorites here! 

The Nagasaki Champon is a Japanese-styled pork based soup with udon noodles and assorted fresh seafood. A wonderfully spicy and delicious soup like no other. The pork belly barbecue is also heaven! Each bite provokes a forkful of comfort and flavor.

The Koko Buri Chicken is indeed the star of this restaurant. This Korean fried chicken is well marinated and fried into intense crispiness- beautifully mottled crust and a perfect triumvirate of flavors! Choose from a coat of sweet, soy garlic or spicy- or try 'em all because each impart a rich taste.

Make sure you order a glass of fruit shake. It's the freshest I've sipped! 


The place is for casual dining. They have an air conditioned room- perfect for big groups and business meetings. I also love that they also have an al fresco area. 

 I love! Bring those curtains down for more privacy.


Great service, very efficient staff- always available to attend to our needs. Two thumbs up!

With the very accommodating Miss Dana, resto manager of Koko Buri Clark.

I had a great dining experience at Koko Buri- great food, nice service, cool place. Truly, it was a tantalizing treat guaranteed to make any food lover drool. Aprub!

Koko Buri is located at Pavillion 4 Bertaphil 3 Clark Center, JA Santos Ave., Clark
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Website: www.kokoburi.com
IG: @kokoburi

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