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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What To Give (and not to give) This Season Of Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's  several weeks before Christmas and I know many of you are still thinking of items to give.

I have listed some gift suggestions and items that you must NEVER EVER give to your friends and loved ones.

Let's start with the 'NEVER TO GIVE' items:
In no particular order. Chos.

1. Face Towel or Bath Towel.
Please. Specially if you bought it in sale. I have a gazillions of these in my cabinet because yearly, at least someone will give this as gift. Even if it's Bench or Penshoppe that comes in 3's--EKIS. It's so high school.
I don't mind receiving the 100% cotton towel from abroad, though. But it would be horrors to receive a 'SOGO' towel.

2. Mugs or Tumblers.
Puno na ang cabinet namin ng mugs. Iba naman. And seriously, a mug with a Hello Kitty print?!

3. Picture Frames/ Photo Albums
This is so 80s. And besides, may naglalagay pa ba ng picture sa frame or albums sa ngayon?? Pictures are in Facebook and Instagram already. Isang malaking ekis ito.

4. Angel Figurines and Scented Candles.
C'mon! It's 2013! These items are so passe.

5. Fruitcake.
Who eats fruitcake???

6. Pair of socks.
No choice? Medyas talaga? What are you thinking??

And now, my gift suggestions:
In no particular order ulit.

1. Flash drives and micro SD cards.
In the light of all the mobile phones, tablets and laptops craze, flash drives and micro SD cards are a sure hit. If you have extra moolah, go buy 'em 1 or 2 Tera hard drive. That would be awesome.

2. Gadgets.
'Nuff said. :)

3. Apparel.
Shirt or polo or blouse or pants. Consider the size and the personality of the receiver though. And the color. I remember a friend of mine received a 'turtle- neck' shirt-and it doesn't even snow here! Chos.

One guy friend also received a polo with big floral print which reminds me of the one worn by Atienza. Do not give this, ever,unless your friend loves attending luau parties.

4. Pair of Shoes.
Or sandals/ slippers. No Spartan or Rambo please. Again, consider the size and the personality. You dont give your boss a sandals with a big sunflower accent.

5. Perfume/ Cologne.
Not Johnson's baby cologne or Bambini. Or Downy Mystique. Utang na loob.

6. Books.
I love books.To readers or non- readers alike, a book will always be a nice gift. From humor books like those of Bob Ong's or inspirational like those of Coelho and Albom's- this will be a delight to the heart of any receiver.

7. Gift Certificates.
Minimum of P500 worth. :P

8. CD or DVD
A very nice gift to certified music lovers and movie buffs.
Give your high school best friend a copy of the album of his favorite Eraserhead band and go nostalgic of the good, old times.  Your favorite auntie is a big fan of Nora Aunor? Give her a DVD copy of Himala or Flor Contemplacion! She will surely hug you in gratitude.
For your male barkada, a porn DVD. Chos.
Personally, I would love to receive a copy of my most favorite films to add to my collection. I dig Pinoy movies of the late 70s, 80s and early 90s because then the lines and plots are really worth watching. But no action films for me please. Im not a fan. 

And to those who are thinking of what to give TO ME, bahala na kayo mamili dito.. :P

1.  Pair of shoes.
Im not a fan of 'tsinelas'--sorry Ate Koring-- but SHOES, I adore! No rubber shoes please--im not sporty. Loafers, sneakers, formal- I would love. 

2. Gadgets.
'Nuff said. :P

3. DSLR.
To capture life's moments. Ultimate!

4. Trip to Bali, Indonesia.
Include airfare please. #Ambisyosa :P

5. Car.
Like Janet Naploes' junaks. #WishKoLang

6. Fridge full of beer.
The 'tomador' in me will be happy.

So there, I hope you finally have an idea of the things that you can give and not to give this season of giving. :)

Yes, they say it's the thought that counts. Kaya pag-isipang mabuti ang mga ibibigay. :)

PS. Some QT time with babykoi this Christmas would be sweet. Sana isabit sya sa medyas ni Santa Claus paggising ko sa Dec. 25. Ahihihi.


  1. DLSR?!! wow ang lakas maka-yaman ng gift suggestion na ito..I hope you get it though. Pero tama ka enough of face towels, picture frames and mugs. Cash na lang haha

  2. ate malou..ung camera ay for me..hahaha..i wish i have galanteng friend. and yes, cash na nga lang :P

  3. Hindi naman na uso yung CD at DVD, USB na.

  4. Ate Willa, nilagay ko naman ang USB/ flashdrives..CD and DVD para sa mga music and movie collectors..old school ba masyado?hahaha


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