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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ramen Friday

I had a movie date with my girls Dulce, Blyth and Celeste last Friday.

While waiting for the 9.30pm screening of Catching Fire, we had our ramen dinner at Ikkoryu Fukuoka, Shangri-la.

I'm not a fan of noodles really but Dulce and Blyth have been drooling over this ramen for several months already so I indulged. :) #HindiKasiAkoMarunongGumamitNgChopStick lolz

For starters,while waiting for our ramen, we ordered Gyoza.

Gyoza- dumplings/ P150

The dumplings were uber sarap- muntik ko na maubos lahat! :P

And then the ramen..palakpakan! Dulce and I decided to have the Ajitama Tonkotsu.

 Ajitama Tonkotsu/ P380

Blyth and Celeste ordered Yuzu-tama Tonkotsu.

Yuzu-tama Tonkotsu/ P380

Both taste really good. But of course, I love the Ajitama Tonkotsu more! (Inorder ko yun, so love your own.Chos!) Blyth loved the peppery taste of the Yuzu-tama.

The Ikkoryu Fukouka Ramen serves authentic Japanese food, so you are assured of the freshness and the quality. 
The texture and taste is really great! Super flavorful, I almost forgot my name! 
I specifically enjoyed the aji-tamago (soft-boiled egg). 

They say that to enjoy the freshly cooked ramen, one has to spend about 15-20 minutes of the ramen bowl. Best to eat it while it's hot!

I also love the interiors of the store. It spells B-O-N-G-G-A!

I adore the red chairs and the wooden panels with the Japanese characters. 

Over-all, the ramen was really superb. We went out of the the store with happy tummies. Great food, nice ambiance, accommodating staff- APRUB! Definitely a must-visit ramen house.


  1. I look payat here. Lurve!

    Gandara Q

  2. Foodie blogger ka na ha.. Thanks for sharing!

  3. littleyana..hahaha..i thought i'll feature lang the ramen experience..kaya ayan

  4. Mukhang di mo naman trip sa start ng post tas biglang whooo! hahaha, mukha ngang masarap. Kahit mejo alanganin ako sa Jap food.. pag nag ka pera na.

    Added you to my blog roll. :)


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