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Monday, July 5, 2010

The LRT has gotten worse..

I was at 5th Ave. LRT station as early as 6.15am today..and was able to board the train by 7am!

I wished I left the house before seven.. Sayang ang oras di ba?

The LRT has gotten worse- since they opened the Balintawak line. And damn, it'll be worst when they open Munoz and North Ave station. There are tons of people riding the LRT and opening several stations but not adding trains will just make it a BIG problem to the commuters.

Before, Im at the station by 7.15am and would usually arrive at the office on time. But now, if I arrive at the station at 7.15, i'll be able to board the train by 8am or worst by 8. 15! By that time, I'd surely be late. 

So 3 weeks ago, I decided I have to be awake by 5.30am and made sure Im at the station either at 6.15 or 6.30am. But everyone seems to have experienced my dillema and everyone is early at the station too!

Sandamakmak na ang tao as early as 6.15! You can just imagine the long lines just to enter the station.
I was bathing in sweat. Im fanning myself like hell! And more people are just pouring! By the time the train arrives at the 5th Ave station, it's already jampacked! And I mean JAMPACKED! It would be impossible to squeeze in even your  foot.

WTF! Everyone's hot-headed already. 3 skipping trains did not stop and everyone was just about to rage! Im trying to keep my cool though. What is there to do after all? I'll just put my energy to waste. A pretty lady in front of me is already cursing.. T*ng-ina talaga! Di ba nila priority tao sa 5th ave? Anung akala nila, di tayo male-late? B*llsh*t talaga!

Another jampacked train stopped but none of us were able to push ourselves in..This ain't cool already. Time check--almost 7am.. Though I'm still early for work, I just don't get this..Suddenly I felt I'm already turning green, the veins on my body already pumping like it's gonna explode.. My hairs stood, smokes emitted on my nose..Im turning into a monster.. And then there's a skipping train--finally!

Everyone felt a sudden relief on the neck.. Thank heavens I got a seat. Andami pa ding tao, but at least, nasa train na..

Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be wrestling myself with others again in LRT.. goodluck!

Calling the LRTA admin, pakidagdagan naman po ang trens..PLEASE!

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