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Friday, November 6, 2009

Lavet or Haydet

Im starting to get less creative..I've been watching less movies..hanging out with my friends seldom..Having more idle time during weekends..Haydet!

The past calamities have been scaring me..literally! My heart beats terribly fast whenever it rains..Paranoid?I've been sleeping with my parents everytime it rains..OA?Kinda..Haydet!

But those events drew me closer to BRO..I've been praying a lot--and I mean HUGE! I got addicted to praying.It has been my security blanket. I see to it that I pray the rosary everyday.. Pray Padre Pio's novena every morning..Say the Oratio Imperata for the deliverance from calamities before I sleep.. I even said the nine day novena to Blessed Margaret..And my prayers for safety and protection have always been answered.Everytime I'd get scared on news on typhoon,my prayers kept me calm.. Lavet!

I fell off the stairs last Monday..because of my clumsiness, my foot got sprained making it hard for me to walk..Good thing no bone got dislocated. I was on leave for work til yesterday- the struggle in walking and the feeling of being unproductive for having get to stay at home to rest, ultimately suck! Haydet!

I'll be attending the 'How To Be Truly Rich Seminar' by Bo Sanchez tomorrow..I've been hearing really good feedbacks from those who have attended it. To experience it for only P475 ( it used to be P2000 ), is a jackpot! Im excited! Lavet!

Im praying for a sunnier weather by the time I and my friends visit Coron. I'll be celebrating my big 3-0 there! Yi-haa!!Many say Coron is truly a paradise..Can't wait! Im sure Im gonna LAVET!!

Recently, Erap Estrada declared his intentions of running as president again..And in news today, GMA might consider running as VP--AGAIN..Looks like fate is being playful coz the worst scenario would be them seating in the highest office again..Erap as President and GMA as VP--History repeats itself--I dont wanna imagine another dark era on Philippine Government! Haydet!

Still in Politics..No VP still for Gibo as of yet..Might be Bong Revilla, Edu Manzano or Vilma according to chisms..Hmmmm..Very showbiz huh..OK,mock vote..Bong- Haydet! Edu- for VP..WRONG! Vilma--Haydet!Im afraid if Vilma wins, she might change the names of places here..I wouldn't be surprised if she pass an EO changing places names to Sis. Stella Drive,or Baby China Avenue or Darna Street or Dolzura Cortez Boulevard..Oh no!!! Haydet!

How about you, what do you love and hate at the present?

Allan Bough 11.06.09

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