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Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Be Truly Rich

Im so ready to be TRULY rich!

Early today,I and my officemate Blyth attended Bo Sanchez' How To Be Truly Rich Seminar at St. Francis Theatre, Shaw Boulevard. Good times!

Bro. Bo is a magnificent speaker..Truly inspiring..And as he shares- I can be a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE! It's so close I can smell it..hehehehe

Positivity radiates inside the theatre.Everyone was eager to hear a piece of great news.Considering the room was jampacked ( and the suceeding seminars to be fully booked ),it's obvious many would want to be rich!

The SECRETS to becoming truly RICH:

1.Be responsible for your financial sucess.

-You are where you are because you put yourself there.Start creating your future now!

2. Enlarge your psychological wallet.

-Increase your money comfort zone. Unless you see it in your mind, it won't happen in reality.

My psychological wallet amounted to 30M! hehehe

3. Get rid of crazy religious beliefs.

- Don't romanticize poverty. ( Many poor are content with eating at least 3 times a day or living a simple life..while simplicity is OK,living more comfortable is definitely much better right?! )..And, RICH can enter heaven..=)

4. Be totally committed to your dream.

- Be the scriptwriter of your life. Write your dreams and pray for them daily.

Every year, I prepare a picture board of all my plans for the year. I've always believed in the formula-- I x V = R ( Imagination multiplied by Vividness equals Reality ).. And true enough, at least 85% of what's in my vision board were actualized! Amazing,right? =)

5. Raise your Financial IQ.

- Anyone can be financially ignorant..even the smartest person can be the dumbest in terms of financial IQ..(This is still OK as long as you admit it.)

Avoid bad debt. ( Ooooppss! Guilty here! =x )

Are you a spender, a saver or an investor? ( A spender and a lil saver..but thinking of investing real soon..naks! )

6. Ride something to wealth.

- Ride as many 'vehicles' as you can. Invest 20% of your salary, give 10% as tithing for the Lord and spend 70%..WHEW!

7. Have a bias for action.

- Make things happen. Fail your way to success.

Studies have it that the billionaires in US failed at least 18 times before they finally reaped success. If you failed once or twice or thrice..think again!Don't easily give up!

8. Be a success in all areas.

- Follow your inner compass. Define your own success. Your giving will determine your harvest.

Now, are you ready to become truly rich?
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  1. nice one :) now, let's go and become rich :)

  2. sabi ni Bo,better to invest than save..

    if finances permit, we might invest in a mutual tell you the details pag natuloy kami..



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