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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Recently, Baguio showcased the largest pizza and the longest longganisa in celebration of Baguio's Centennial.

The Session Road had to be closed for the parade of a 6 kilometer long longganisa--now that's a lot! The volunteers stood almost 2 hours holding the longganisa..

Photo from here
Prior to that, they made a giant pizza with a diameter of 23-25 feet..I bet a week wouldn't suffice to finish that humunguos thing!But since people literally grabbed the pie, it disappeared in no less than an hour..hehehe!

Photo from here
Last year, they also made the Longest Raising Bread ( 4.5 km ), the Longest Longganisa Part 1, Giant Ice Castle,and the Largest Wedding Cake ( that fed 50 couples ).

It is said the organizers don't have the intention of pushing it in the Guiness..Buti naman.. =)

Oh well, another PAHALAKIHAN at PAHABAAN.. We are so into it.. We always wanna make record of the biggest and the longest and the largest--basta pang- RECORD!

We made the record for the most number of people who'd kiss on a Valentine..the biggest shoes..the longest grilled talong..longest grilled tilapia, bangus, talakitok and dilis, the biggest puto lansong ( biggest sapin sapin and maja blanca might be next ), the most number of dancers..What's next?Biggest parade of corruptors?lolz

I don't know but really everywhere,like in every fiesta, there always have to be a record setting of anything..Sometimes it makes me wonder, is there really a big relevance to these? While I appreciate the efforts to all these, I mean, call it Bayanihan- that's a good thing really; it still makes me think the practical side of all these.

Why not make a record of more benificial or socially relevant things instead. Say, the most number of people who cleaned Pasig River or Manila Bay? Or the biggest number of delegation who did tree planting? Or the most number of kids who were given free dental check up? Or the most number of volunteers to make elementary school rooms?
Aren't these more lovely to set?

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