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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I bought a laptop today!Yi-haa!Thanks to the promotional installment limit that BPI gave me.While buying a laptop is included in my plans for the year, Inever thought I'll get it this early. I was thinking I'll get one by the last quarter of the year. But since the promotional limit is until the end of July only, I decided maybe this is the right time. Without the special privilege, Imay not be able to push thru with the laptop.

Archie was too kind to go with me to look for a laptop. I have no idea about the better 'specs'' so I have to bring someone who is a computer savvy. Thanks Archie!

I got a Compaq Presario CQ40. Very reasonably priced and super OK for my needs. I got it with a free Globe Tattoo prepaid ( which is priced at P1800+ I guess), a mouse and a 2 gig flashdrive.Now, that's a lot right?!

I'm glad that most of the things in my vision board have been met already:

1.Promotion- Check =))

2. Places to visit:
a. Boracay-check

b. Bohol - check (May sidetrip din sa Cebu---check na check)

c. Baguio- check( After 3 years, I finally got a chance to visit Baguio again!)

d. Bangkok- wrong! Medyo malabo na ito--I'll probably reserve this for next year instead. Oh well, I'm already booked for Busuanga on November. ( Notice that the places I planned for this year all starts with the letter "B"..wala lang..hehehe)

3. Gadgets:

a. Magic Sing- habol ko by last quarter--but really not my priority na..OK lang na wala

b. Laptop- check na check!

c. Portable DVD- I realized luho na lang ito. I have a DVD player and a TV naman in my room, and since I already have a laptop, this won't be important na..

4. LTR as in long time relationship--Kailangan pa bang imemorize ito?! Oh crap..still waiting for the right person. Im not naman in a hurry..May 5 months pa!heheheh

New laptop equals new utang.Hopefully, my earnings will suffice all my kautangan. I got the laptop in 0% for 12 months-di naman sya 1 time payment so di naman siguro ako mahihirapang magbayad

Im really thankful that God is continually giving me countless blessings. Thank you po talaga Bro!

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